The Best Meal Delivery Service

VOTED BEST MEAL DELIVERY SERVICE!   All of my readers know how much I adore our Hello Fresh Subscription Boxes!  This month I can offer my readers 50% off two boxes!  That’s two weeks [...]


Top Ten Kids Christmas Gifts 2017

TOP TEN CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR KIDS 2017   It’s that time of year again!  This can be a crazy period of organising or you could be the ‘wait til the last minute’ person!  But [...]


Halloumi ~ A Delicious Spanish Style Recipe

  Halloumi – Spanish Style with Bulgur Wheat and Flaked Almonds (Serves 4)   Our grocery subscription box arrived this week full of delicious recipes and ingredients for 3 [...]


A Review of Hello Fresh Subscription Service

Amazing Recipes and Ingredients Delivered to your door! Do you find meal planning a chore? Are you constantly clutching at straws trying to think up what you are going to cook your family for [...]


Coconut Dal – A Flavourful and Fragrant Dal

COCONUT DAL   Even on days that I’m not eating from our Hello Fresh Subscription, I still use their amazing recipe resources from their website to plan our meals! This was a weekend [...]


Importance of Breathing in Yoga

Importance of Breathing in Yoga The breath is very important in the practice of Yoga.   Setting a relaxed atmosphere allowing you to practice with little or no distractions is highly beneficial [...]


Yoga Equipment Guide for Beginners

5 Things you need to practice Yoga for Beginners   When I first started practising yoga, it was hard to know what I really needed to buy compared to what was available to buy.  The Yoga [...]


How many calories do you burn in yoga?

How many calories can you burn in yoga?   The big questions!  Can you lose weight with Yoga?  While you can shed pounds doing yoga regularly, adding yoga to your workout routine isn’t [...]


Beginners Guide: Introduction to Yoga

Beginners Guide: Introduction to Yoga   Are you new to Yoga? Creating a home yoga practice is easier than you think, and enjoyable.  I have researched and compiled a Guide to Yoga for [...]

Managing Stress and Anxiety – My Story

My life was pretty wired. I was run ragged and didn’t know which way to turn to resolve it. My health had deteriorated and something had to change. This is whereI began my journey of finding a [...]

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