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Blogging Report April 2018

Spinnin Plates Blogging Report (Month 4)


In this blogging report series, I will jot down my progress each month and the main areas where I’ve focused on for 2018!  The lessons I’ve learnt and how I’ve overcome them!

April Monthly Blogging Report


Here are my earlier reports if you’d like a lookie!

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Technically challenged!


In last months blogging report I told you that I need to call in some support to help run my blog for a while.  This month, I was back running as normal but I needed more help, of a technical nature!


Technically, I think I’m quite with it!  Yes, it’s been a tremendous learning curve, but I’ve taken it all in, practised what I’ve learnt and all was going quite smoothly.  Then out of the blue, my blog seemed to grind to a halt, taking a crazy amount of seconds to load!


Ask for help when you're technically challenged


The first job was to take off some of my plugins, to see if one was conflicting with another.  I gained a few seconds and lost several days.  Oh my! oh my!  And breath….


Thankfully, another of my Tribe is incredibly savvy with the tech side, having just started a second job as The Blog Genie.  I made contact with Kim and booked her services to help resolve my site speed issue.  Yay!  Her communication was fantastic and the relief was immense that I could hand over something that was above my remit!


The lesson in this story is, don’t waste days like I did, trying to sort a problem out that you don’t understand and that someone else with much more knowledge can do at super speed.  It pays to outsource!


On Facebook we've reached over 700 likes!

Numbers continue to rise!


I’m totally delighted that April see’s my social media following rise over 2,700!  On Facebook alone I’ve hit 700 – over and above my target!


Additionally, my April income has grown, with some fast payers too!  I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful companies and super excited for the coming months!



Trust your gut and be your own cheerleader


Take a browse over April


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It’s not the end of the world…


I have been interested to learn that not everyone has faith in my new blogging venture!


However, I wasn’t surprised to learn this.  Having already realised that anything that isn’t seen as the norm usually gets a raised eyebrow

or the odd muttering “she should get a proper job!”.


Believe in yourself


This is where you have to dig deep and believe in yourself.  Even though I’ve proved that each month my income is increasing, my followers are coming back for more and the numbers are rising, I’m also loving being part of the incredible world of blogging, and I get excited to start my working day.  For some reason, people just think it’s all a tad odd!  Nonetheless, I shall continue on my journey and prove to the doubters that this is a great job and an incredible way of life!


Seriously, who wouldn’t want to work at home, with their own schedule, still meeting up with friends for a cuppa or going for a run?  Spending time with the children and never missing a school event due to work commitments?!


Remember to be your own cheerleader guys and gals.  Follow your gut and believe in your dreams.  I’m proving it can happen!


Cheerleader with speech bubble saying be your own cheerleader


We hope you follow along on my journey of turning my blog into a business!  Maybe you’ll decide blogging is for you one day, too!


I’ll report back how May was, in the world of Spinnin Plates.


Most of all, I’d love you to let me know how you are progressing if you are new to blogging!  Maybe reading this post has inspired you to start a blog of your own? I’d love to hear from you.


My signature Nicky






P.S If you haven’t already, join us now in this amazing challenge!




Monthly blogging report for April

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