How to Brainstorm your Blog Name


Welcome to the brainstorming a blog name sesh!

Whether you are starting a blog for the first time or looking at re-branding your current blog, picking a name can be the hardest and somewhat daunting task.

I actually went through this process 3 times! Not only did I go through the process but I went on to purchase the domain names each time too! So I’ll try my best to guide you through a great brainstorming sesh to help you not to make the mistakes I did!

So, you think you love your family to the moon and back, well let me tell you, your passion for blogging will take over by the time you launch!

Naming your blog can make you feel like your brain is imploding! You think it was hard thinking of boys and girls names whilst you were snuggled up on the sofa with your man/or woman of your dreams. Well, times this by a thousand and you’ll be pretty much at the point you need a good brainstorming.

Let us try to break down the process and come up with an amazing name that you won’t regret a few months down the line. But if you do, don’t worry. It happens to the best of us!
Here beginneth the brainstorm!

What are you going to blog about? (Examples below)

Make-up      Home      Tutoring      Cooking
Fitness      Parenthood      Diet
Holistic Life      Teenage Years      Fashion

You will now need to find some words that connect to these topics.

Check out

For example:

Holistic Life      Breathing
Meditation      Budha
Calm      Zen      Incense
Yoga      Therapy      Gong

What descriptive words relate to your subject matter or you, the writer?

Chilled      Peaceful      Happy      Love      Unity
Contented      Silent      Joyful      Relaxed      Open

  • Now Jazz it up, you can even invent your own words!
  • Start putting some words together and mixing it up!
  • What sounds and looks good? You’ll know it when you see it and say it!

No-no’s – You can’t use a number, hyphen or any other special character as part of your domain name. Avoid anything obscene!

Still Feeling Stuck?

Check out these helpful tools.

Make a Short List then stop right there!

You found THE ONE! You’re excited, you’ve even got butterflies doing backflips in your tum! Before you go any further, check the availability of your domain name! There is seriously nothing worse than thinking you have THE best name EVER and it turns out to be not available.

Right now, there are approx. 1 billion active websites on the Internet. So don’t get disheartened, the right name will be there, you just need to hunt to get the right one for you!

Ideally, you want the .com. That’s not to say that you can’t have a successful blog from a .net, or .org. The .com just makes life easier and you are less likely to run into issues like trademark infringement if someone has already claimed the name under a .com. Even if the .com is available check the .net and .org you don’t want to be constantly mistaken for another blog.

For information: Originally, it was suggested that .COM be used primarily for commercial businesses, .NET for network related organizations and .ORG for nonprofit groups. This quickly became unworkable and consequently, in the case of .COM, .NET and .ORG, a decision was made to rely on registrants to choose the TLD (Top Level Domain) they wish. In fact, many registrants (domain owners) order their domain name as .COM, .NET and .ORG. Source

Don’t be too discouraged if your first choice is taken, sometimes it’s just not meant to be, trust the right one will come!


Write it out, Read it out and say it out loud to everyone, how does it sound, listen to friends and family saying it. Their opinions count! (Well, mostly!)

Lastly, don’t cage yourself in with your name. Think ahead of the game, 1 year, 5 years or more. You may have toddlers now, but will you just want to be talking about them and only them from this time forward and most importantly, will the subject matter be captivating to keep your audience coming back for more in years to come?

Blogging evolves with you. It’s a journey and a very exciting one at that! Enjoy and start brainstorming!!!

Ready to start? Now, storm that brain of yours!  Do let me know how you get on!








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