New to Blogging – January Report

The Blogging Newbie!

It seems apt that it’s the Year of the Woman when I’ve started on a new career path in leading into 2018.


I’m new to blogging and loving the journey so far!


In this series, I will jot down my progress each month and the main areas where I’ve focused on for 2018!


New To Blogging

January ‘New to Blogging’ Summary


Blogging as a career


Blogging has been knocking at my door for years, but whilst I had my head down in must work harder and pay the bills mindset I just couldn’t find the freedom I needed to get started.


I’ve previously documented my burn out last year, which actually forced my hand to change my life in so many areas.  These changes allowed me the freedom to explore an alternative lifestyle.


Beginners Blogging Course


As a newbie, I decided in October last year to take up a blogging course as I don’t like to start something unless I know what I’m doing!


Wow!  What an incredible intensive course it was, and a massive eye opener to the world of blogging.  Every aspect of blogging was superbly covered and all the information was up-to-date with huge support through your journey which I was very grateful of.


So, I started building my blog in November and December which proved to be a massive learning curve, but a fun one!   I went backwards and forwards with (overthinking) the name of my blog, which essentially was the last of the areas to worry about!  Finally deciding on Spinnin’ Plates, because that summed up my life and the life of many other busy mums!


I was terribly poorly during this period, however, I still managed to achieve to complete the 30-day course along with several other courses, which kept me going through those turbulent months


January saw me getting into the blogging groove and putting my learnings into practice.  I felt from all my learnings, I could move forward with my blog,  which was a very rewarding place to be!


I went on to Rock January!



Regular Postings

From research, my audience loves me posting regularly, so I now post 3 times a week (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 7 am) and I interact on social media daily to keep in touch with my followers.


Having a regular schedule not only supports the needs of my readers but also frames my week beautifully, giving me a great starting point for my blog organisation!  You know how much I love organisation!


What the Stats say!


At the end of each month, I record my stats via Google Analytics.  It gives me a chance to reflect on the month– what went well and what didn’t go so well.


January was my first official month working full time on my blog.  My blog and social media following have grown steadily.  This shows my hard-working was paying off, and I’m gaining lots of gorgeous followers!


Blogging Income


The truth is, it’s not as easy to carve out your space on the web or make a name for yourself as a blogger today.  But I’ve never gone down the easy route!  It takes a lot of time to build your audience to the point where it’s successful.


It’s been a joy to see how my hopes of turning my blog into a regular income come to fruition as paid jobs have started to come my way. I’m heading in the right direction and am setting new quarterly goals!




Blogging is not just penning down your thoughts, but finding your people and ensuring they can access the information they want and navigate simply.


So after a reassessment of my first blog, and crazy course learning curve along with several mindmaps later, a blog redesign commenced!


Shiny new object syndrome

When you are new to blogging, you’ll understand the term shiny new object syndrome!  In fact, my Christmas list had only my wish list for blogging items!


The shiniest of shiny objects is blog theme shopping.  This is the bit I love!   I had heard about the superstar X Theme. I salivated over the theme for 24 hours before taking the leap.  It took a week to plan, put together and execute the theme on my site.  It is still very much work in progress, so please be patient, but so far I’m loving the result!


Blogging Tips


What does Spinnin’ Plates offer its readers?


I cover 3 main topics:-




I live in the real world and my interest in mindfulness has evolved during real-life circumstances throughout my adult life.


I’ll share my simple tips and tricks for everyday people.  With the aim to help you pay attention to your desires, practice quiet (meditation), and invite self-care into your life.


I’ve found mindful living to be essential for a healthy, content and happier existence.   Without this practice, my whole being deteriorates at lightning speed!


Whether you’ve just got 5 minutes a day, or a whole hour, I recommend the practice of quiet or what some call mindfulness/meditation in your life.


I will also be recommending books I have read, offering information on The Miracle Morning (TMM) and other alternative therapies and practices.



Four amazing 100+ page Journals available to my readers for FREE!

  • Affirmation Journal
  • Meditation Journal
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Memories Journal

Click Me!




Everyone that knows me, know’s I’m an organisation freak!  Every company I’ve worked for will vouch for this!  I’ve attacked the organisation like a crazy woman and I’m like that in the home too!


I will share tips and ideas to keep the home and family organised.  My aim is to motivate and inspire readers to do the most they can in the time they have.  Giving them time to enjoy their families.


In addition, I love creating charts, checklists, planners and so much more! This has all help me in different ways in the home.  From cleaning the house to reward charts for kids and routine charts which help the kids with their morning tasks.  In turn, they help me keep my sanity and keeping the family team going!




This is the biggie!  This area will cover:-


Lifestyle – Find inspirational tips, news, views and stories from the daily life of the Spinnin’ Plates Family!  From a mum of 3 +1 aged 7 – 20 and a woofa!


Travel – On the lookout for adventure and wanting to experience the world, I’ll be blogging about my past and future travels.


Photography – As an newbie to photography I have found a love for this hobby.  Here I document my journey.  Download my FREE Digital Photography Guide!


Fitness – Sharing fitness routines and posts for real women with busy lives who understand that exercise should be enjoyable, not punishment!


Food – Sharing simple, often healthy, occasionally naughty and always tasty, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks recipes,  along with juicing recipes too.


Blogging – If you’re wondering how to make money on your blog, follow my learning journey here, where I share what I’ve learnt along the way.

New To Blogging


Be proud


I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in beginnings of my new career.   I’ve overcome a period of self-doubt and wobbles and my blog growth is on target.  Exciting times!


We hope you follow along on my journey of turning my blog into a business!


I’ll report back how February fairs in the world of Spinnin’ Plates.


Most of all, I’d love you to let me know how you are progressing if you are new to blogging!  Maybe reading this post has inspired you to start a blog of your own? I’d love to hear from you.


Blogging report

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