Nicky Williams

Hi there! Thank you for joining me.

I’m Nicky, heading very close to 50 and having one big wish – to make the most of every moment of my life!

I’m proof that at any age, you can make big changes, live well, stay fit and healthy and make your dreams become reality!

Why Spinnin’ Plates?

Well we’re all doing it aren’t we?  I’m a fellow spinner of plates, often wearing many ‘hats’.  Whilst being a mum of 3, I run our lovely home, finances, walk the family woofa daily and loving each day in the world of blogging and the incredible work / life balance it offers!


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In the late 90’s I joined the world of comping. This was the start of a super exciting journey to achieving the lesser known term of Professional Comper!   I was known as Fluffysocks in my field!

Winning many incredible holidays, £50k cash, £30k home makeover and so much more!

Organisation Freak


Self-confessed Organisational Freak! If you are a lover of inspirational organisation ideas, a fellow list maker, be it via your never leave at home Bullet Journal or one of the ever increasing versatile organisation apps, or wanting to find away to take control of your life, we’ll get along just fine!

Money Making


Often called Barksavingmad! I watch my pennies and love money saving, so we can spend those well earned pay cheques on what we really love to do! Whether you have a healthy income each month or in the red, you should always budget! I’ll share 20 years’ experience of making your money work for you and help you organise your finances, along with sharing great money making ideas.

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I’ve been known to be snap happy! I have a newly found passion for photography. Combine that with my love of travel, food, health and fashion, I hope to show you the basics of photography allowing you to capture those special moments with ease.

Having been gifted two amazing photography courses as my leaving work gift, I am more enthused with ever!  You can join my learning journey here.

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Living in North Devon, for the last 30 years, I am positively in love with the area. What an incredible place to live, which is why so many people head here for their holibobs year after year!  This year we decided to spend a week in Cornwall walking the coastline – I think I’m nearly in love with Cornwall as much as I am Devon now!

Travel Buddy


I get joy travelling when I can, to anywhere and everywhere I can!  I revel in visiting new places, seeing new sights, meeting new people and I particularly love doing this with my partner and travel buddy Andy.  We enjoyed fabulous trips this year to Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland!  That’s not counting our many UK trips too!

Young Love


Andy and I are childhood sweethearts that paused for 30 years to get a little life experience before getting together permanently! You couldn’t have written it, but my goodness, we are so happy to have found each other again and prove that love does concur all!

Andy also travels with his work and occassionally I am lucky enough to tag along too!



As a family, we have LOVED working together towards a healthier lifestyle and reaping the rewards in every area of our life. I’ll be sharing our journey of making juicing part of our daily life, becoming sugar-free and helping inspire you to make you the priority. We are positively glowing and have heaps of energy with of course the welcomed side effect of reaching the perfect weight too!  We have a Vegan, a Vegetarian and a Dairy Free members in our family – that makes an interesting mix in the kitchen!

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I have three incredible children Charlie, Millie and Zac, with Andy’s son Harry makes 4! Age ranging from 20 down to 7! That’s a recipe for an interesting tale or two! I’ll be talking lots about the highs and lows of parenting and sharing what I’ve learned, whilst admitting at times I also want to have a paddy in the middle of Sainsbury’s chocolate aisle and feel like stomping my feet until I get that large bar of Galaxy on my cheat day!!

With my eldest Charlie at University, middle child Millie on her Foundation Stage in Art and my youngest Zac, is just entered Year3 in Primary School!

Contact me here if you would like to work with me.

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