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Power Hour Must Have's!



Insight Timer -  A FREE meditation app - I can't recommend this enough!


ThinkUp offers you a simple way to build a positive mindset. All you should do is to SELECT your affirmations, RECORD them in your voice, ADD your favourite music and LISTEN to it on daily basis.  It works guys!

Vision Board

There are a number of vision board apps available, however I don't use them.  Primarily that is because the exercise of making a mood board physically, adds to the intention behind the board, which in turn, makes the vision more powerful.

Have a search for apps if you prefer, otherwise I suggest making one, then taking a photo to use as your desktop or phone background!



Journal (See above) - I use a different journal to my everyday tasks journal, as one has a 'doing' job and the other has a 'being' job!  I like to keep my special power hour, well special!

There are more specific journals out there for the job, such as The Happiness Planner, which you may prefer.  But I like going freestyle, as often I can differ between writing pages to only a few paragraphs!

There are several more out there you may enjoy:-

6 Minutes a Day for more Mindfulness, Happiness and Productivity

Planner to Increase Productivity & Happiness

Vision Board

To find out how to make a vision board see my previous post >>>> HERE <<<<

All you need is pictures and glue!


  • cut them out of magazines
  • use an image search engine
  • use pinterest!
  • create your own graphics online using Canva
  • draw or paint your own images

Stationary / Journaling

Leuchtturm A5 dotted Journal -  I've tried lots, but this one is by far THE one for me.  I like order and I like pretty and this offers the versatility to do both!  It comes in tons of colours, with a hard cover which means it stands up to being bunged from desk to bag and travelling!

Pilot Frixion Erasable Rollerball Pen - Ever since I started using these pens, my journal looks tidy! (Did I say I like tidy?!).

My editorial calendar changes often and my household calendar changes all the time too!

These Frixion pens have been amazing for the family too, as Zac loves them too for his spellings book!

Pilot Frixion Colors Erasable Fibre Tip Colouring PenI use these in my bullet journal and really like the flexibility of being able to erase the pens. They are of nice soft, pastel colours and great as midliners or to accent colour pages. Erasing is gentle on the paper and you can barely identify where you have erased on the page. 

Fineliner PensLoved these from the moment I first used them. They were to add a little colour to my journaling.

The packaging is great as it creates a little stand that allows you access to the colours and lets you easily replace them to keep them together and tidy -  love orderly!

Beautiful to write with and very vibrant colours. These pens are of a very high quality with a low cost.

Stationary BagI bought this early last year and can't believe I'd never got one sooner! I use it every day now it's fantastic for keeping everything organised and safe. No more turning the house upside down for your pens, post-its or headphones!  And when you're out for the day just grab it and put it in your bag.


Blogging Essentials

So this list is a bit of a long one! It’s not everything that I own, because of the time I've been blogging I have found more things that I love, but this is a basic list to get you going!


Blogging 30 Day Fast Track Course - I took this incredible course back in October 2017 and it was AMAZING and taught me everything that I needed to start me off on the right foot.  Once I put everything they taught me into action, I was able to start earning in a matter of months!

Continuous Support

I recommend you find your tribe.  A group of supportive work-at-home people.  There are plenty of groups around, and you'll know when you've found the one that feels right to you.

There is a wonderful free Facebook Support group called Mamaprenuer Revolution, run by Aby Moore who says....  "This group is for everyone who wants to grow their blog in a supportive community. I will pop in to answer any questions and it is a place where you can all support each other and get the best out of your blogs."


There are so many amazing apps and products I could suggest here.  In fact I'm so passionate about the subject I have started a second blog on it!  I will let you know when it's up and running, so you can pop over and find out how I can help you get organised on your blogging journey:-

>>>The Organised Blogger <<<

Laptop or MacBook Air - Personal preference.  I use this Acer which does the trick, lots of memory and speedy.  The next jump up I'll take is to buy a MacBook Air, most full time bloggers take the leap to MacBook with no regrets.

Laptop Back Pack – To keep your laptop/macbook safe and my belongings with me.  My blogging gear travels with me on holiday or even on weekends away, so a protective bag is a must!  I find a backpack is much easier to carry when I have other cases too.



What camera gear and lenses do you use? 

Don't feel you have to spend a fortune, but quality photos are a must, so always try to take the best photographs possible for every post.

I used both my iPhone 7 Plus and Cameras to take photos.

iPhone 7 plus – I went for the larger photo so I can take photos, catch up on social media, work and vlog on the go.  I wouldn’t be without it, for those moments that happen when you’ve not got your camera bag with you!

Selfie Ring Light – Perfect for filming and taking pictures, to light you up when you’re somewhere dark.

Lighting Kit - This is THE number one item that has changed my photography and video.  It really is incredible, removes all those shadows and brings life to your face, when you thought it was gone forever!

Camera 1 – This is the DSLR we use for still photography and some video.

Lens 1 – This is the standard lens for the Sony A200.

Lens 2 – This quality lens is our go-to for travel and landscape still photography, the crispness of the images are wonderful.

Camera 2 – This is a fantastic for macro shots.  Love love love this one!  And of course much lighter when you’re on treks!

Microphone – I’ve tried using the cheaper Mics but have since ordered this which has very high ratings.

Tripod 1 – This is a recent purchase after being highly recommended by a fellow blogger.

Tripod 2  Adaptable enough for the photographer on the go, strong enough to hold a telephoto lens.