Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

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How do you make money?
I write full time here on this site and on my social media channels.  I offer my services to brands to promote their services, products and family friendly and adult only travel locations. We are paid for our promotional services. However, we only share what we truly love and what our readers would enjoy learning about. What we have learned in creating an online income is that you have to diversify. Although all of our income is earned online, it is earned in multiple ways.

How much money do you make?
I am working hard towards building up our second income to help provide for our family of five people in our gorgeous home in North Devon and help one through University! My projected income is looking healthy for the year ahead!

How did you start blogging?
Having lived an alternative life as a professional comper for a decade, I tried working in a regular job!  It wasn’t for me and I was drawn right back to my hot seat to start on a new venture.  As many readers are keen to find a work-life balance, I wanted to help them to find ways to make money online, like I do, therefore I am putting together information in one place, to save you the months (and months!) of research, as I’ve done it for you!

How can we work with you?
Thanks for asking! You can find more information about working together here.

Where do you live?
We live in North Devon, UK. Our home is in an area that we absolutely love, although we are on the lookout for our dream house! As much as we enjoy traveling, we also enjoy our time at home!

Can we send you something?
That’s a lovely thought! At this time we are not accepting any mail from our readers, although you are always welcome to email us!  If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch.

What theme is your site on?
In September 2017 I switched to the Jupiter Theme on Themeforest. Between us we have used Themeforest for many WordPress sites, and we have had some great luck with them.  There are so many quality designs to choose from.

What camera gear and lenses do you use? 
Camera 1
– This is the DSLR we use for still photography and some video.

Lens 1 – This is the standard lens for the Sony A200.

Lens 2 – This quality lens is our go-to for travel and landscape still photography, the crispness of the images are wonderful.

Camera 2 – This is a fantastic for macro shots.  Love love love this one!  And of course much lighter when you’re on treks!

Microphone – I’ve tried using the cheaper Mics but have since ordered this which has very high ratings.

Iphone 6 – I wouldn’t be without it, for those moments that happen when you’ve not got your camera bag with you!

Tripod 1 – This is a recent purchase after being highly recommended by a fellow blogger.

Tripod 2Adaptable enough for the photographer on the go, strong enough to hold a telephoto lens.

I will be going into more detail soon regarding photography equipment and offering a guide to beginners. (Watch this space!)


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