How many calories do you burn in yoga?

Can I burn calories in yoga?


The big questions!  Can you lose weight with Yoga?  While you can shed pounds doing yoga regularly, adding yoga to your workout routine isn’t a guarantee you’ll lose weight. Whether or not you lose weight doing yoga depends on your total daily caloric expenditure and the number of calories you eat daily.


To summarise, you get out of it what you put into it with any exercising routine.  Yoga for me is about stretching, fitness and calm; I wish I could bottle the feeling you get during a Yoga session!



Burning Calories


There is a total-body routine that’s a mind and body booster and will help you burn calories The exercises include challenging core and upper- and lower-body work added for a calorie burning twist. Do the series 4 or 5 times but no more than an hour.


How it works: begin and finish each set of yoga exercises in your general routine with the following extras. Each time you do this series, you’ll add a challenging variant to keep your pulse rate elevated while toning your whole body.


Calorie Burner


Mountain Pose


Stand tall with feet in alignment and together, shoulders at ease, weight evenly administered through your soles, arms at sides. Take in a deep breath and lift your hands overhead, palms facing one another with arms straight. Reach up towards the sky with your fingertips.


Standing Forward Bend


From the mountain pose, breathe out, swinging your arms sideways as you swan dive forward, bending at hips, till fingertips or palms touch the ground on either side of your feet; keep your fingers in line with your toes. (If your hamstrings or back are feeling overstretched, bend your knees.) Think of pulling the crown of your head down and the backs of your legs towards the sky.


Forward Bend, Flat Back


From the standing forward bend, keep your feet together and place fingertips on the ground near the outer edges of your feet, in line with your toes. Breathe in as you lift your trunk halfway up, keeping your back flat. Look forward, stretching your tailbone away from the top of your head. If you feel overstretched in your hamstrings or lower back or can’t touch the ground, bend your knees and position your hands on your shins.


Downward Dog


From forward bend with a flat back, bend your knees, place your palms flat on the ground shoulder-width apart, and jump backwards with both feet back, landing lightly in downward dog. Spread your fingers and make certain your feet are hip-width apart and parallel. Stretch your tailbone up and away from your hands and your heels towards the ground.


Reverse this series back to the beginning


Bring your legs towards your hands and straighten your legs, returning to the forward bend with a flat back. Drop your head and return to the standing forward bend, then to the mountain pose, sweeping the arms out to the sides and overhead to finish the main series.


Every time you finish this workout, add-on a fresh challenge series till you’ve incorporated all the moves. Every full sequence will take about 15 minutes.


Calorie Count


The total of calories you burn in a common yoga session may deviate widely, depending on what form of yoga you decide to practice. As luck would have it, most gyms provide an exciting regalia of yoga classes that will better your fitness and add assortment to your routine. Here are a few of the most popular forms, and the median amount of calories you might burn during a sixty-minute class:


Hatha Yoga


Hatha yoga is the most known form of yoga for Westerners, and the sort commonly taught in beginner-level courses. Hatha yoga accents breath control and flowing poses. You are able to expect to burn one hundred seventy-five calories per hour, or the same total of calories you would burn by walking two miles in 60 minutes.


Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga yoga is a bit more intense than Hatha yoga, however still places accent on breath control and flowing poses. The common class has a series of six poses that increase in difficultness. A common Ashtanga class will burn three hundred calories in 60 minutes, or the same as walking four miles in 1 hour.


Power Yoga


Power yoga is a Westernized sort of Ashtanga yoga, which moves promptly between postures to increase your pulse rate. Because of this, many classes commonly last thirty to forty-five minutes, instead of sixty. The calories burned are more or less the same as a full sixty-minute Ashtanga class.


Vinyasa Yoga


Vinyasa yoga is commonly combined with the Ashtanga form to produce one dynamic class. The accent is placed on flowing from one posture to the next, especially during the add-ons. Vinyasa classes commonly burn 445 calories per 60 minutes or the same total as jogging at a slow pace for sixty minutes.


Bikram or Hot Yoga


Bikram yoga, a.k.a. “hot yoga,” is performed in a room heated up to 105 degrees and with a humidity of 40%. This assures that you will sweat a lot as you do the twenty-six postures in a common class. One session of Bikram yoga burns 630 calories per 60 minutes or the same as swimming the butterfly for 60 minutes.


A lot of practitioners who utilize yoga as their principal form of cardio opt for the higher-intensity classes and aim for doing the class three times a week, for a ninety-minute session. If you wish to burn calories while doing yoga, go for the more intense classes and work at “growing” or stretching into every pose perpetually throughout the class.


If you would like to find out more about Yoga, I have written an Introduction to Yoga for Beginners and a list of Equipment needed for Yoga to start your regular practice.

Also, here is a small blog of why Breath work in Yoga is Important.  Enjoy!







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