Halloumi ~ A Delicious Spanish Style Recipe

Family friendly Halloumi Recipe Spanish Style

Halloumi Vegetarian Recipe

with Bulgur Wheat and Flaked Almonds (Serves 4)


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To Begin

This was a very simple recipe to follow and the timings were perfect at just 30 minutes, with a difficulty level of 2.  (1 being easy and 3 being more complicated)





Prep the Veggies


Super simple to marinate the halloumi.  It slices easily too.


The smells were delicious as the halloumi was marinating and the veg with spices started to warm up.


Cook the Bulgur


Having never cooked Bulgur before, I followed the instructions precisely.   It was simple.  My advice would be to just keep an eye on it as once the liquid evaporates, it could catch slightly, which would take away the flavour.


Heat a splash of oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Fry the red pepper, 5 mins. Add the shallot, stir and cook for 2 mins. Then, stir in the garlic, ground coriander and remaining smoked paprika and cook for 1 minute. Pour in the vegetable stock, bring to the boil and add the bulgur wheat. Cover with a lid, remove from the heat and leave for 10-15 mins, or until the water has completely soaked into the wheat.


Make the Dressing


Halve the lemon and squeeze the juice from one half into a bowl big enough to hold the rocket. Season with salt and pepper and mix in the olive oil (amount specified in the ingredient list). Keep to one side, we will dress the rocket later.


Fry the Halloumi


We call Halloumi squeaky cheese in our house!  We love it!  It’s delicious whichever way it’s cooked, but this was especially yummy with the marinade.




Fluff up the bulgur with a fork and stir in the parsley and the toasted flaked almonds. Add a pinch of lemon zest, some lemon juice, salt and black pepper to taste. Share the bulgur wheat between your bowls. Toss the rocket with the dressing and serve on top of the bulgur. Finish with the halloumi and any juices from the pan. Enjoy!


This recipe from Hello Fresh was easy peasy to make, took the 30 minutes stated and loved by all the family.  Even my youngest aged 7 kept asking for more tasty halloumi!


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