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10 Must-Know Tips for Car Seat Safety

Are your children travelling safely in your car?

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It is essential to check your baby or child’s car seat safety regularly,  This will help keep them safe.


Whatever car seat you purchase, at whatever cost, unless it is fitted correctly, it won’t offer you the best protection for your child in an accident.

Register your car seat


Interestingly cars.com remind us to register your car seat, in case the manufacturer has a need to recall the car seat.  Something that can be easily forgotten when fitting your seat.


Here is an interesting statistic for the UK, which should help you think twice when you are fitting your child’s car seat:


There are 16,090 child (0-15) casualties in the year ending June 2017, remaining unchanged compared to previous year. Of these, 2,290 (14 percent) were killed or seriously injured.


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Common Car Seat Safety Problems


  • Incorrect seat for the child’s size/weight
  • Seatbelts are twisted
  • Loose Harness
  • Isofix points not positioned correctly


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You need to ensure your child’s car seats offer the best protection you can afford and fitted correctly for optimum protection for your child.


Here are my top tips for your child’s car seat safety:-


  1. Look at the seatbelt or harness, is it secure and untwisted? This must be secured tightly so the seat doesn’t move.


  1. If the seat is rearward facing, is the handlebar placed in the correct position see instructions?


  1. Is the child car seat sitting squarely on the seat in the car with the headrest in the correct position (as shown in the instructions)?


  1. Is the seatbelt following the correct red or blue route guides?



car seat being fitted by man


  1. Check the metal end of the seatbelt that attached to the buckle in the right place?


  1. For Isofix seats, do the visual indicators show it is fitted correctly? Please check the instructions.


  1. Is your Isofix drop-down foot securely on the floor and/or is the top tether firmly attached?


  1. Bulky clothes should be removed before securing your child in its car seat. Otherwise, the harness is less effective in a crash.


  1. Ensure the shoulder pads are level with your child’s shoulders and is the harness not too tight or loose?


  1. For older children, is the seatbelt across their shoulder and hips


car seats


My top tip:  PLEASE ask the company you bought your car seat from to fit your seat.  These companies will have qualified technicians that know exactly how to fit your car seat and will be willing to show you how to do this correctly.


If you are unable to do this have you have bought your car seat online.  There are many car seating checking services available across the country.



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