15 Tips to Find and Create Happiness

How Can I Find and Create Happiness?


Happiness is one of the highest expectations you could ask yourself or your children.


You often hear this, all I want for my children is to be happy.  Yet we don’t give them to tools to enable them to find this state easy to find or keep.  Are you asking too much of yourself and your children?

How tricky is it really to find and create happiness?


We often spend our whole lives searching for happiness. If I only we had this or that, if I met the right partner, have a big house, a new car, the job I’ve always wanted, then I would be happy.


Social media has a hugely detrimental effect on us too.   People are posting images on Instagram of their perfect lives, showing holidays on Facebook, with blow by blow accounts of their perfect happy lives.


This is not real life.  No-one is happy all of the time.  Lives are not perfect.  But we can encourage ourselves to look for the happiness in life, and show children how to make the best of life too.


Happiness for children


Here are some tips to help you on your happiness journey…


1. Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Try to laugh lots!  However, I do understand, when times are tough, such as loss or illness, it’s hard to find the humour within and even easier to get involved with the negative aspects of what is happening.


2. Be yourself – It’s OK to be you. Each one of us is a unique, a one-off, but we can’t know this if we are facing away from ourselves.  Show your fabulous self!


Candles spelling out Joy


3. Turn up the volume on tunes that make you feel happy, bring back good memories, or make you want to move to the music. It will make you feel better (and you’ll burn some calories too!).


4. Make a conscious effort to think positively throughout the day. It will increase your happiness factor, which will also help you ignore negative comments and dramatics.


Find your calm


5. Meditation works wonders. There is an overwhelming amount of research showing how meditation creates contentment and happiness and stimulates the “feel-good” factor. makes you much, much happier! And the only way to know this is to try it for just ten minutes a day.  You’ll not look back!


I choose joy. Written in a journal


6. Practice gratitude every day. Express your appreciation by giving to and supporting others. Not only does this make you and others happy but it helps you keep things in perspective. Like smiles, gratitude is contagious. Pass your happiness around.


Compliment Others


7. Give heartfelt compliments. When you compliment others and make them feel good, your hormones kick in and make you feel wanted, needed, and happy.  In turn, you’re making others feel great too!


8. Forgive yourself.  Whether it’s allowing yourself to do nothing for the day, or whether you feel you need forgiveness for previous unkind acts.  Do it now and give love to yourself.   These are big steps, but each one liberates the heart and sets you free.


3 happy people jumping in the air


9. Smile even when you don’t feel like it, because your brain notices what your muscles do, therefore, it responds in specific ways. When you smile, regardless of the reason, your brain goes into a happy mode and often changes a bad mood into a happier one.


10. Do something nice for someone. As a result, doing something nice for someone, you feel good about yourself and the other person.


Thank You


11. Say thank you to someone for something they did. Everyone wants to be appreciated but people often neglect to acknowledge others’ efforts. Make someone feel happy and your own happiness level will increase in the process.


12. Recall happy memories. Memories are a great way to relive and remember good times, especially after someone passes away or moves out of your life.



Hop on a swing


13. Allow yourself to be silly or more child-like. Hop on a swing, colour a picture, jump rope, or something else you did in your childhood. If possible, do these things with a close friend or a child in your life to share the happiness.


14. Why not volunteer to do something for a favourite cause or charity. You want to be needed and essentially matter or make a difference in the world. Volunteering enables you to use your special talents and gifts to make others happier and in the process, make the world a better place.


15. Learn to enjoy the little things in life, because starting small will help everything else will seem fabulous, by comparison.


Do you have any helpful tips you would like to share?


Nicky xxx

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