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21 Saving, Making, and Managing Money Ideas

How can I spend less and save more?


Saving money is a big part of making money. Learn how to spend less and save more money and you won’t feel the continual need to work longer and longer hours to get the thing that you don’t really want or need.


I’ve spent my whole adult life being extremely careful with money and am proud to be in the financial position I am today.  But that’s only because I haven’t ever lived in excess of my means.


It takes great strength to do so.  You see your friends and colleagues, getting the new trends, buying into the new fads and driving plush cars.   Often I’ve found myself filling my online basked with gorgeous items of clothing, with nowhere to wear them, but just because!  But thankfully, my head always rules my heart over financial matters!  How do you handle your finances?


I only buy what I can afford.


spend less save more


Here are some hints and tips for cutting back and being a little bit more money savvy this year…


1. Hit the clearance shelves first. You can save quite a bit of money when you snap up these great deals at the end of each season. Many holiday sales re-offer the picked-through “leftovers” from the seasonal sales.


2. Buy in bulk. Get a friend or two to do this with you. When you make bulk buying a team effort, you can get better deals and you don’t need a huge storage area to house all of your goodies.


3. Use coupons/vouchers to save as much as possible. This is easy with digital and store coupons. Sign up to your favourite stores to get advance notice of sales to save even more. Be sure to follow the instructions and read the details.  I can often half my grocery bill by using vouchers!


4. Buy store or generic brands. Some brand name companies produce store brand items. These are cheaper, yet are the same quality, and flavour. Use store coupons with these for extra savings.


5. . While we all need money, when you work to have a rewarding and happy life, you are more likely to meet your goals and be successful.


6. If you’re struggling financially, look at your history. You probably have an abundance block or poverty mindset. Once you get rid of the block, it will be easier to make and manage money.  Think as far back as childhood and the language your parents used around money.


7. Never underestimate the power of your life-long dreams. Living your dream can bring you the wealth you desire. You won’t know until you open the door to the possibilities and opportunities. Begin making your dream a reality.


8. Save enough money to cover at least six months worth of expenses. When emergencies arise, there usually isn’t time to take out a loan or sell something of value. Keep this money safe and use it only in an emergency.


9. Make every penny count. Save your change and set it aside in a large container and place. When the container is full, take it to a coin-counting machine, and deposit the money in your account. This makes saving easy and painless.  I do this with my coins and use it towards Christmas.


10. When it comes to money, pay yourself first with a little bit of savings and then pay everything else. This helps to ensure that the little sundries don’t wind up taking all of your income. Put something back for a rainy day first.


Don't just work to earn a living, work to create a rewarding life


11. Budget is not a four-letter-word. Create a budget and stick to it. Keep track of where and how much you spend to control your money better and save more.


12. Teach your kids how to save, make, and manage money early in life. When your children learn money basics early, you won’t have as many issues with the “I wants,” and unrealistic expectations when they become teens.


13. Sell anything you haven’t used in the last 18 months. Selling these items lets you restructure your priorities. It’s a great way to get rid of things you don’t use or need while you may room and money to save or use on other things.


14. Patiently save for what you want. It’s easy to buy out of fear or instant gratification. Put a picture of what you are saving for in a prominent place to help deter you from settling for something you don’t really want.  If you haven’t made a visualisation board, take a look >>> HERE <<<


15. Turn talents, skills, and hobbies into moneymakers. Musicians, hire out your talents for parties. Into woodworking? Sell pre-ordered items. Crochet? Card making? Sell your speciality items. Make money from something you enjoy doing.  You never know where it might take you!


16. Know your spending triggers. When you know what emotions and circumstances are most likely to induce you to spend, you can prepare yourself ahead of time and come up with a plan of action.


17. Avoid buying when you are hungry, depressed, tired, or stressed. During these times, you are more apt to spend more money than you intended and make unwise choices.


18. Don’t allow yourself to be persuaded to buy because of a few compliments. Also, walk away when you are being pressured with “limited-time” offers. Many sales reps get a commission and they don’t have your best interest at heart.


19. One person’s junk is another person’s jewel. Sometimes things are thrown away just because the owner is “tired” of the item. Check out items at “Re” stores or eBay to find some great deals and unique items. TIP: Don’t get drawn into bidding for more stuff when you don’t need it!


20. You can bank on it. If you have had the same bank account for a long time, you may be missing out on new options and rates. Look at your bank’s webpage to see what they offer. Contact them to discuss your new options.


21. Plan meals at least 1-2 weeks in advance. This gives you ample time to shop around and get the best deals.



Do you have any great tips for saving or spending less money?  Do let us know!


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  1. some really great tips here Nicky. I try to meal plan ,but usually fail because I face making something different at the last minute! I should sell more stuff too, I am too good at donating when I could make some extra pennies. I should also avoid shopping for a few items because I always leave the supermarket with too many bargains that I don’t really need, that week at least!

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