What taste are you grateful for today?

30 Gratitude Journal Prompts

Why I started Journalling?


I started my Miracle Morning Routine some time ago along with keeping a gratitude journal, but it had paused during a period of huge difficulty.  As I’ve previously mentioned in my story ‘Managing Stress’, my life was pretty wired. I was run ragged and didn’t know which way to turn to resolve it.  My health had deteriorated and something had to change. This is where I returned to my routine and the perfect stress resolution.


The Problem – The more I focused on what I wasn’t grateful for, what I didn’t have, or the poor me syndrome, the less I focused on doing the things I loved.  So I used the flip side technique!



The Flip Side Technique


My moment of enlightenment came many moons ago when I had just returned from working in New York for 12 months.  I was living a crazy, fun-fuelled life and was back in Devon and thinking “is this it?”.


I then entered a period of woeful self-pity and therapy.  The therapist pointed in the direction of “How to Develop A Positive Attitude by Elwood N Chapman).  (This was, in fact, a much cheaper option than paying for a weekly trip to a professional! And, an incredibly powerful tool!)


Not a huge hardback book, packed full of inflated ego; only a mere 77 pages, but it held a number of very effective techniques that immediately made sense to me.


The one that grabbed me, somewhat powerfully, was what Mr Chapman calls the Flipside Technique, that is taking any situation, no matter how painful, and trying to see something positive in it. You flip the problem over, as it were, like a coin.



Practice Makes Perfect!


It took practice.  Lots of it!  But it was worth it, for I could see ‘most’ issues that came to me with a new perspective.  Only at times that were immensely hard, did this test my focus.  So there will be periods where it is not possible to practise this technique.  Go easy on yourself.   These cases for me were toughies, such as infidelity, heartbreak and loss of a loved one.


I allowed myself to grieve during these periods, some were longer than others.  It is tremendously hard when the situation is tragic and particularly dire.  Therefore, for many reasons, these times will test the term ‘flip side technique’.  However, I can promise you, that with practice, the flip side technique does work on a day to day basis.


Using a Journal to help you focus on what you are grateful for, really is inspirational!


Basically, it comes down to the choice between empowering yourself (trying to find the positive) or caving into situations and disempowering yourself (why does this sh*t always happen to me!).


Begin the Grateful Journalling Journey!


When you are sitting quietly, taking time to be thoughtful about your day, try to use these Gratitude Prompts, along with the flipside technique, to bring sunshine to your mind once again.


One area of my High Five Morning Routine involves writing daily (morning and before bed) in my journal.


Occasionally I find times that I am staring at my notebook, not knowing where to begin.  That’s where Journal Prompts come into play.


Journal prompts are incredibly useful to do exactly that.  Prompt your mind to focus on a given subject, which then allows the words to flow.   It works every time!


Here are a few to get you started:-


30 Reasons to be Grateful Journal Prompts


1.  What smell are you grateful for today?


2.  What technology are you grateful for?


3.  What colour are you grateful for?


4.  What food are you most grateful for?


5.  What sound are you grateful for today?



6.  What in nature are you grateful for?


7.  What memory are you grateful for?


8.  What book are you most grateful for?


9.  What sight are you grateful for today?


10. What season are you grateful for?



11. What about your body are you grateful for?


12. What knowledge are you grateful for?



13. What sense are you grateful for?


14. What touch are you grateful for today?


15. What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for?


16. What small thing that happened today are you grateful for?


17. What friend/family member are you grateful for today?



18. What talent or skill do you have that you are grateful for?


19. What place are you most grateful for?


20. What taste are you grateful for today?


21. What memory from childhood are you grateful for?


22. What texture are you grateful for?



23. What abilities are you grateful for?


24. Who in your life are you grateful for?


25. What song are you most grateful for?


26. What story are you grateful for?


27. What family tradition are you grateful for?


28. What challenges are you grateful for?


29. What moment this week are you most grateful for?


30. What form of expression are you most grateful for?


Do let me know how you get on, or if you have any great journalling success stories!  I would love you to share them with me.


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