5 Benefits of Wooden Flooring For Dogs

It’s an exciting time here at Spinnin’ Plates. We are putting the cottage on the market this month, and hoping to move onto our next project! With this in mind, we want to ensure our new home fits out needs and having been used to wooden floors in our cottage, I’ve been on the lookout for solid wood flooring and found a solid oak flooring sale.

When I first moved into my cottage, it was in a terrible state and needed complete renovation. Not only did I have a busy family life, but we also had the addition of a gorgeous hound, and we wanted to ensure that everyone, including the dog, was comfortable. We made the decision to get wooden flooring downstairs, in the main areas, and we found it incredibly beneficial for Honey, our springer spaniel, and these are the reasons why.

1. No Snagged Claws

Dog claws can easily get stuck in the loops, resulting in a torn carpet or a torn claw and a very unhappy pet. Wooden flooring resolves this painful problem instantly.

Wooden flooring is so much easier for dogs and their paws. The only thing you need to keep on top of is keeping your pets claws trim.  This should be part of your pet care plan anyways, but if you can hear your dog’s nails tapping on the floor, that is when you need to look at clipping those nails.

It’s super easy to cut them yourself, but if you are concerned, the Vets or Groomers will do this for you, and you can ask to watch if you wish to learn.

When you are learning it is best to start quite slowly with getting your dog used to the clippers.

There are a few different pieces of equipment you could buy.  However, if you’ve never cut them before, clippers are probably easier. You could spend a couple weeks just touching/holding his paws, then introducing him to the clippers and just touching his feet and nails with them, and then finally taking the tiniest bit off of the nails themselves.

I suggest using lots of treats at all stages, along with reassurance in your voice and body language of course.  If you feel anxious, your gorgeous hound will do too.

2. Odourless

We love our gorgeous fluffy creatures, but we all know they don’t smell terribly sweet when they come in from a wet walk!  The one thing you don’t want is the smell of wet dog all over the house!

Carpets easily pick up these doggy odours and it can be very hard to get them to look and smell good over a dog’s lifetime. It’s also time-consuming to have to clean your carpets on a regular basis, but unless you do, the carpets absorb the dog smells very quickly, and the last thing you want is for the smell to hit you as you or your visitors as they walk in the door.

With hardwood and engineered oak flooring, it eliminates these issues instantly.

3. Add Rugs

By simply adding some machine washable rugs in the high traffic areas, it’s simple to put them in the washing machine and they come out smelling fresh and like new. This also takes the

If your pooch enjoys a high-speed beeline for the door when the postman rings, use a runner along the path they use.

My added tip is to add felt pads to the bottom of chairs, plastic dog beds and any furniture that is regularly moved.

4. Easy to Clean

The harder the wood, the easier it is to maintain and the less scratches there will be.

It is super easy to clean up after your dog. Simply use your vacuum or use a soft bristle brush to remove dust and debris from the floor surface. Most vacuums have a setting for hard surfaces, so don’t forget to switch it over if you have a combination of carpets and hardwood flooring in your home.

Grab your microfiber mop and clean in the direction of the grain. Simple! No more mucky footprints on your carpets throughout your home!

5. Eco Friendly

An alternative to hardwood flooring is Bamboo.  Bamboo is a grass, and the forests are harvested by hand, removing the need to employ heavy machinery.  It also self regenerates, therefore eliminating replanting after harvesting.  It continues to grow, just like rhubarb in my vegetable patch!

Bamboo grows very quickly and naturally in it’s native environment.  This means it does not need additional fertiliser or the addition of irrigation systems.

The bamboo crops grow naturally and quickly in their native environment, where conditions are just right for growth. This means that they do not need fertiliser or an irrigation system.

Bamboo is also more stain and scratch resistant than other hardwood floors.

I hope this helps you decide if hardwood flooring will work for you and your dog. By drawing on my experience, you will be able to consider your options from someone who’s experienced the benefits.

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