Little boy playing on beach. Parents won by entering consumer competition.

Do people win competitions? – A Compers Diary Part 1

I’ve got that winning feeling!


Having spent the weekend with my gorgeous friends in Brighton, I was inspired to share my history with Spinnin’ Plates readers.


However, these friends weren’t just any friends.  Moreover, these were friends I first met back in 2001 when I first found out about entering consumer competitions!


It was at a Comping gathering run by the wonderful Brita Bevis.  Brita was a HUGE competition winner and had written an inspiring book A Guide to Winning Consumer Competitions.  She held a competition to win her book, and this was the first comp I have ever entered.  I won.  THE END!


In fact, this was the start of an incredible journey into the comping world.  I met Brita, along with a small group of lovely ladies on this memorable day “up north”.  However, I was incredibly nervous but immensely excited to be around people, who like me, like to do things a little differently!


Friendship made through entering competitions


Friendships were made


We would never have known that day, the people we were chatting with at the event, and of course, on the very new World Wide Web, were to become not just hobby friends, but truly become lifelong friends who I dearly love!


After attending a number of events together, we went on to meet up for a weekend once a year as friends.  We’ve met in Bristol, London, my place in Devon, Newcastle and after a few years break, our last trip, was this weekend in Brighton.


Beast from the East


The Beast from the East!


However, we couldn’t have picked a worse weekend weather wise.  Because, most of England and Scotland came to a standstill with snow, wind and hale from the worst storm in 50 years!  Sadly, our dear friend Vic couldn’t make it through the snow, but everyone else managed to get there c/o British Rail….. just!


What a blast we had!  We made so many more memories and enjoyed activities that we would only ever do together!


Are we are still entering competitions


Where are we now?


Only one of us continues to have competitions full-time in her daily life.  The wonderful Di Coke and her Competition Blog Superlucky, which has been going for some 9 years now.


The rest of us have taken on working, employed or starting out on new business ventures.  One of the gang has lived in Canada, and lucky for us, returned to the UK to live.


Please do go an check out Di’s wonderful blog and facebook page Lucky Learners!


Comping is a way of life


As much as we all still love comping, the rest of us are working and living life to the full, with the odd competition entry thrown in.  The wonderful thing about our meetups is how it puts renewed energy and enthusiasm into our comping momentum!  This Sunday, we all left Brighton with much more winning Va Va Voom…. so watch this space!


It’s a Way of Life!


It’s a way of life as much as, it gets under your skin.  Additionallym once you start, it’s hard to be away from it for too long.  The buzz of getting those wins will never be forgotten.


Here is a copy of my wins list 2001 – 2002.  Due to the long list, I’ve split this into two posts and highlighted the biggies if you just want to breeze over this bit!  I’ve added a couple of winning ‘Big Cheque’ photos and boy did I look wonderfully young!


My winning list

Intrigued?!  Read on…


This was the year I found comping. I didn’t note down my wins at this point in my journey.  But winning small wins every week inspired me to continue, along with the people I surrounded myself within this hobby.



  • Royal Mail Valentine Comp
  • – £100 M&S Vouchers
  • – Eurostar tickets to Paris + £100 towards expenses
  • Bad Boy by Olivia Goldsmith
  • Orange Beauty Kit
  • Maybelline Foaming Wash
  • FootballWeetabix Stereo x 2
  • CD
  • Peter Pan CDRom
  • Wallpaper Kit
  • Braun Iron x 2
  • Gameboy + 3 games
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Davidoff bag
  • Natrashape Tables
  • Benedryl Hamper
  • Crown Outerspace Border
  • 5 Novels
  • Body Board
  • Compers Pack
  • Shower Radio x 2
  • Sports Vouchers
  • Kettle BBQ
  • Gareth Tickets
  • Lunch Box x 3
  • Britax Rock a Tot Car Seat
  • Paul Mitchel Goodies
  • Te-Tao Smellies
  • 4 Juicers
  • £20 Mothercare Vouchers
  • 3 x DVD’s
  • £20 Virgin Vouchers
  • £5 Quench Vouchers
  • Home Theatre System
  • Mediterranean Cooking Book
  • Gameboy Advance
  • £50,000.00!!!! 
  • DVD Player
  • Basketball Net
  • 5 Children’s Games and Puzzles
  • Zoo Tycoon CD Rom
  • Thomas the Tank Table and Set from ELC
  • Crayola Set
  • B&Q Vouchers
  • Custom Made Surf Board with my son’s design
  • Action Man Digital Camera Watch
  • Tonka Toy
  • Slush Puppy Goodies
  • Monsters Inc Book

My winning photo of £50k

Feelings about 2002


Last year was truly life changing for myself and my family. Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine the Mars win happening to me. This amazing hobby can play havoc with your emotions, but I wouldn’t ever be without it or the wonderful friends I’ve made over the last few years.


My next post will continue with my list of prizes and what happened next!  Don’t forget to check back!


Have you got any exciting competition stories you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear from you!


Speak Soon,

My signature Nicky





P.S If you haven’t already, join us on our next challenge!


Gorgeous beach photo, with words. Do people win consumer competitions? I have proof!


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