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Do Big Winners have a Positive Mindset or Just Crazy Lucky?!

After writing previously about my diary of wins from just over a decade ago, I thought I would look closer at whether it what it was that enabled me to win more than many.  Was it my ability to knuckle down with a positive mindset or just crazy lucky?!


While many of you will have heard of comping, some of you that don’t know, comping is the art of entering consumer competitions!  These competitions are usually entered via postcard, phone, text or online.  However, when I was winning it was via Postcards or Entry Form and my big wins were via a winning tiebreaker.  For example; Tell me in 15 words or less why you want to drive an ice cream van for the day!



A Positive Mindset or Just Crazy Lucky?!


Have I felt lucky to be part of the Comping World? You bet! I truly loved my years spent in this hobby. I feel lucky to have met new and interesting people at every gathering; therefore, expanding both my relationships and gaining long-term loyal friendships.


Most of all, people have said “You’re so lucky!” or “I never have any luck with competitions”.  However, let’s be honest, luck isn’t the biggest factor. Hard work and perseverance does. I’ve spent years hunting down the letter spotted entry form, travelling many miles on the hunt for a specific qualifying item and work for weeks on well-penned tiebreakers. This is why it niggles me to hear people say I’m just “lucky.”


Spreading the love and everything I’d learnt


I even started a local Comping Group, with some friends as people seemed to be keen to get to know how to win, and I was more than happy to tell them what I had spent a year or more, to learn.  Interestingly, because there are no ‘quick fix’ ways to win, it takes hard work, dedication and patience, some of those friends gradually drifted off, unable to sustain the continuity this hobby needed.  Occasionally wins would come in a year later than the closing date!  So patience really does have to be on your side, along with a positive attitude!


Do big winners have positive mindsets or just crazy lucky? Woman with arms in air exciting about winning a competition.


The Lucky Factor


Psychologist Richard Wiseman wrote The Lucky Factor, A ten-year scientific study into the nature of luck has revealed that, to a large extent, people make their own good and bad fortune. The results also show that it is
possible to enhance the amount of luck that people encounter in their lives.   You can read The Luck Factor, a five-page short pdf, which is an intriguing read!


A very interesting read – informative and useful – about scientific research, although slightly dated, I feel still runs true to today.  Mr Wisemean looks into whether some people are lucky and others unlucky and if so why. It turns out that this ‘luck’ is down to good attitudes and behaviours (many of which you can change)


E.g. lucky people network more with friends & strangers and hence put themselves in the path of many more opportunities in work and play, more often than unlucky people.   Also, people who are assumed lucky, may take extra risks or go that extra mile to achieve their goals and reach their targets – unlucky people see these immediately as unachievable, even unrealistic which stops them in their tracks.


It’s all about Positive Mindset not Just being Lucky, but you make your own luck!


It’s all about the positive attitude. Practice your gratitude and positive mindsets. And don’t forget to join my latest challenge to get your focused on your day and it’s FREE!


Do big winners have positive mindsets or just crazy lucky? Women looking up the sky asking if she will be lucky?


So, when you break it down, all signs suggest that luck is little more than a state of mind.  I truly believe that you wake up each day, and you can decide how your day will be, how your life turns out and a positive mindset can truly reach goals that you never felt were achievable!


Of course, life has a habit of throwing challenges in your path, but it’s how you deal with these challenges, which can help, or hinder you moving pass them in a timely and more positive fashion!


Let me know whether you think you are ‘lucky’ in life?

My signature Nicky






P.S If you haven’t already, join the challenge now!



Do big winners have positive mindsets or just crazy lucky? Women with a positive mindset winning big!



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  1. Love this, I’m struggling with people saying the same ‘You’re so lucky!’ but I want to scream – did you enter? Did you try? Did you have a go? No? Well no wonder you didn’t win! Ahhhhhhhhh!

  2. Post

    I couldn’t agree more Francesca! If you’re not doing them you won’t enter! Hope you are enjoying you’re wonderful well earned wins!

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