Dress, Jackets and Comfy Footwear!


Finding the perfect wedding outfit has become a big undertaking!  There are so many unspoken rules that are already in place. The Bride and Groom’s wishes need to be respected, and then, of course, there is the wedding colour scheme, time of year, destination…. Need I go on?  It’s a stressful time, even as a guest! I need to search for jackets!

Not wanting anything too heavy to drown my dress, which is 60’s style similar to this picture.  I needed a jacket that works with the dress, not against it.   So my lovely friend Google came into its own, with a search for perfect ‘whatever the weather’ jackets!

I came across this gorgeous Dangerfield – It’s A Wrap Coat which I instantly adored!  It would fit perfectly over my dress but still allowing for the hem to stand out so I didn’t look like I was wearing nothing underneath.  Not at all appropriate for the event!


I’ve got an event coming up and I need to look and feel great.  It’s going to a very long day and night, and unlike the bridal party having a variety of outfits, it’s not really appropriate for me to duck into the ladies for a quick change of clothing before the evening party commences!  So, I need a one size suits all outfit!

Not only that, I am no longer prepared to purchase an outfit, unless that the items on their own can’t ‘mix and match’ for other future events. This was a mission!


Who knows what the weather is doing, sometimes it’s steaming hot and other times it’s lashing down with rain.

I have an outdoor function to attend and I have the perfect dress, however, I need a jacket, so I’m equipped whatever the weather?

The wedding is due to take place outside, however there is a marquee that will be used for dining and the after party. I can only assume they will move the ceremony indoors if the weather does it’s worst!


I was just about to purchase it in black when I noticed the vibrant Pumpkin!  Even more perfect, otherwise if I was to wear all black, people may think it was a funeral I was attending, rather than a gorgeous marquee wedding!


With Weddings happening at any time of year and not just on weekends, the preparation is key when you’re working out your outfit for the day.

My top priorities for finding the perfect wedding outfit in order was…. comfort, style and individuality.  Nothing worse than turning up in the same outfit as someone else!  So I’m always on the lookout for items a little out of the ordinary, that shows my personality and style.


This is a biggie for me.  I’m happy to wear heels for a short time, but all day and night is a no no for me.  I found some gorgeous healed pair of sandals to wear with my dress, beautifully feminine and matched the dress with a hint of colour, however I wanted some flat pumps, that looks equally pretty and not glaringly like a pair of slippers!  I don’t want to be that woman at the end of the evening dancing in bare feat, with black soles!  Not the best look!

I found THE most comfy pair of  pumps that fitted the bill perfectly.

The relief that comes with bringing an outfit together is short lived of course, because I still have another 6 weeks to go before the love birds sign up for life, and that means not eating too many donuts! This is going to be harder than finding the outfit!

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