30 years later we meet again

Another Chance of Love – Second Time Lucky

 Second-time lucky thanks to Facebook!


Today marks the exact day six years ago that my first love got back in contact with me!

It’s pretty amazing really, and it’s all down to the well-known love it or hate it. Facebook reunited us!



We first met when I was 17 and he was 19.  Andy had just joined the RAF and was based locally.  We met in a local pub, a little corny but true!   We hit it off right away, with the same humour in common, the cheekiest smiles ever and boy did I think he was hot!   He made my heart skip a million beats!  I’ve never met someone that made me laugh like he did, you know the peeing your pants laughing!!!  You could bottle that feeling!


We had a lovely couple of years together, but sadly for me,  the world was calling him, the adventure was out there,  and he went off to explore the world within his role as an Engineer in the RAF.


We both went on to live our own lives never far from each other’s minds.  I went off to New York for a year and I remember receiving wonderful letters from him.  I’ve kept all the letters and photos from the last 31 years!


During the time apart, I’ve lost count of the times I tried to find him!  As he did me… Sadly, the timing was always off and one or the other were in a relationship!  I even managed to find his family phone number and got the courage to ring!  My heart in my mouth I spoke to his father.  His father told me how happy and settled Andy was and I asked to pass on my best wishes. I didn’t know at the time this was not the case.  Andys darling Dad was suffering from dementia and also that message never got passed on.   Shortly after, Andy’s father sadly passed away.


Fast forward 30+ years!


To say it was a shock to receive a message saying “hello you” was an understatement.   I had looked for him many times over but had given up hope that I would ever see him again.


We both went on to live our separate lives, both getting married and having children,  but sadly for whatever reason, those relationships failed.  However sad, this meant that for the first time in 30 years, the time was right!


The Powers of Social Media!


Wow!  I’ll never forget the day Andy got back in touch.  The message came via Facebook, simply saying “Hello you”!  He had spotted my name, with a different surname, looked at my profile and thought blimey, that’s Nicky!


My heart was doing triple somersaults!  I got onto the phone to my mum straight away, besides myself!  I think I remember Mum telling him we were meant to be together and he was making the biggest mistake of his life leaving me 30 years ago!!!  Mother’s are always right!


Thank goodness for Facebook!  We chatted lots over 3 years, catching up with all the years we had missed.


At this point, my relationship had come to an end, and shortly after Andy’s relationship came to its end also.


Simple, let’s meet up!




There was an added complication.  Andy lived in New Zealand at the time!  We had yet another year of chatting whilst I waited for his return!  It was a mammoth task tieing up the ends and was a lengthy process getting the family back to the UK ensuring they were settled and of course Andy changing is his job.


I know my life lesson has been patience…. and I’ve learnt it!


Second time lucky


Meeting up for the first time was THE most nerve-wracking event in my life!  I saw him first and I just thought Yummy!  In a nutshell, we shared a chemistry that was palpable to those around us.


I had always compared every man I met to him and now it was time to see if my first love was still the same person that now stood before me.   Of course, he wasn’t the same, it was three decades later!  Neither of us were the same.  He was, in fact, everything I ever wanted, at the perfect time, with a cherry on top!


The feelings and emotions came flooding back with a vengeance. It was as if our relationship had been placed on hold, matured and pressed play again!


There have been some testing times externally, however, it has been absolutely magic having each other back again.


As you can imagine life has changed quite dramatically and of course we look somewhat different to those fresh-faced pictures all those years ago, but we are older and much wiser!   The second time around we appreciate what we have in each other, and the attributes that we can offer in a relationship and qualities don’t go unnoticed on a daily basis.


The timing is finally right and this is the start of something good. We’ve both grown up a lot,  learnt many lessons and seem to have much more in common now.


Today we had it pop up on Facebook that it was six years ago since he first got in touch again, a timely reminder to be so thankful for the computer age and the ability to find friends and loved ones, even if you’re across the other side of the world!


We have rekindled our relationship and as they say, the rest is history. Our second-chance relationship has been the most emotionally charged relationship of my life. There have been fears, emotions, grief, and sadness at times lost, but more than that, there has been huge love, respect, admiration, passion, incredible experiences and best of all, laughter, in the buckets full.  At last, I’ve found my soul mate.


Our rekindled relationship has been the most incredible journey, that started over three decades ago and lasted through all those lonely years.  I am so thankful for what we have.


Today we are living our lives together, again with joy, enthusiasm, and excitement!  I just know life is going to be good!


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