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FREE Printable Date Night Cards

Treat your partner to a Date Night!


My partner and I have found that the more time we spend together doing things, the more we enjoy each other’s company. He’s my bestie so why wouldn’t I, right?!  Bring on the Date Night Cards!


To enjoy a healthy and happy relationship you need to make time for each other.   So, grab your diaries and clear out some white space.


Free Printables.  Date Night Cards to download FREE.



Maybe this will mean you have to cancel prior arrangements or start to draw back on some other extracurricular activities.  But, you’ll find be starting to make time for your partner, your relationship and it will start to become fresh and exciting again.


Time may not be on your side, but creating space in your schedule to keep the love alive in your relationship is possible. Using these beautiful Date Night Cards will keep the spark going in a relationship where you’re both busy.


Even if you can’t spend a long amount of time with them, try to make date night as memorable as possible.


Well, I’ll confess, recently we haven’t made enough time for each other!  Life is busy, right?!  However, we’ve made a pact to do just that.  We started by reigning in the work hours, this now allows us time for each other and our relationship to flourish.


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Gratitude Notebook


Why not buy yourselves these lovely and well priced ‘His and Hers‘ Notebooks?*


For 365 days, every day write something in your other half’s notebook.  Anything that you are grateful for or love about them.


What a wonderful keepsake for you both!


Date Night Cards


I created a gift, that I thought would make things a little interesting to our time together!  It’s worked so well, I’d like to share this with you.


Whether you are thinking of a simple Valentines Day gift, a birthday present, or stocking filler for your other half?  What nicer way can you show them than by printing off a special personalised list of date nights cards?  Delivered wrapped in a beautiful bow!


Date Night Cards wrapped up


You can print just a few or make a year full of date night ideas in a date card deck.  Packaging them in a little gift box, or decorated glass jar.


Such a simple DIY Valentine’s Day gift that won’t break the bank, for either of you, which makes for much happier relations!


Just download and print off these FREE date night cards below, I’ve written some for you, but there are blanks ready for you to write your own.


Date Night Cards download

Date Nights are a Personal Affair


Dates and your relationship are such a personal and private affair. It’s not for me to tell you what makes your time special or how you should choose to use it 😉


So grab a notebook, start letting your imagination run wild.  Remember when you first met your partner.  What did they love doing, what memories can you evoke, by recreating dates from yesteryear?  Let the fun begin!


So easy, inexpensive, just print on printer card or quality paper and this will be something that you’ll both enjoy all year long.


You could make it as quirky, fun, exciting or as naughty as you like! As long as the date night cards you make you are sure your partner would love!


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Team Work


You could print them off and split the year between you, making it a surprise for both of you!  Why not take it in turns to decide what you are going to do each date night?  These date night cars are as versatile and cheap as you want them to be, but as cute and simple that they pass the message of love beautifully.






And if you do print out the date deck and use it, I’d love to see pictures from your dates! Post them on Instagram and tag me @spinninplatesuk or post them on my Facebook Page.


I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means if you purchase anything I recommend, my blog will receive a small percentage (at no extra cost to you), which helps keep things running back here at the mill!




PS Join us on our next challenge now!


Date night FREE Printables


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