How to Brighten Up Your Child’s Bedroom

Your little one’s bedroom should be a place where they feel safe and comfortable. If the room is dark and dingy, you might want to find some ways to brighten up your child’s bedroom a little so that it’s a nicer environment for your child to play and sleep restfully.


Floor lamps are a great place to start. They’re very decorative and, depending on the design, can add an element of personality to the room whilst also providing a warm glow. If there’s a slightly darker corner in the room, this would be an ideal place to put a new floor lamp, especially if your child is afraid of the dark.

If the room has a ceiling light, you could consider getting a dimmer switch fitted. This will give you more control over the brightness in the room, as well as the overall ambiance. However, lighting isn’t the only way to brighten up the room. Colourful curtains, bedding or even a rug will prevent the room from feeling dreary.


When painting the walls, go for a light colour because darker colours can make the room feel quite closed in.

If your child likes to get creative, you could make some wall decals out of coloured tape. All you have to do is choose your tape and cut out shapes, like butterflies or flowers. Sticking them to the walls will brighten up the room and it’s another way to add some colour, whilst ensuring your child feels like it’s their personal space.

Clutter Free

Make sure to clear away any clutter in your child’s room. I know this is easier said than done where children are concerned, but clutter makes a room seem darker and small than it actually is. Invest in some shelving and other storage so that you can keep toys and books as organised as possible.

I’ve had a huge clear out of my sons room in the last few weeks in preparation of putting the house on the market. We have taken advantage of this time to pass on toys that are no longer used. Thankfully the rooms are a neutral colour already with a large cream rug and white furnishings. It all looks wonderfully fresh and ready to sell!

Not only does it feel calm, my son is really enjoying playing in there much more than before!

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