Managing Stress and Anxiety – My Story

How I coped with anxiety


My life was pretty wired. I was run ragged and didn’t know which way to turn to resolve it. My health had deteriorated and something had to change. This is where I began my journey of finding a stress resolution and coping with anxiety.





A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something.


The more stress we are experiencing in our lives, the more our health, strength and well-being are compromised. This could be past, present and future environmental stress which creates an imbalance and disruption in the body’s energy system.


You may be already feeling the physical and emotional manifestations of stress in the body like me.


From personal experience, at times of extreme pressure in my life, I suffered from:-


• Acute migraines

• Severe pain in my abdomen

• Anxiety

• Panic Attacks

• Insomnia


This was my body telling me that it is suffering from the pressure of my environment and something had to give!



There is no exact measure or definition of stress but it is generally defined as the physical response of the body to things that makes you feel worried and bothered. Stress affects individuals differently just the same as individuals view stress in different ways. It is true that stress is already part of life and it can strike at any point in one’s life to a larger or lesser degree.


Stress resolutions are made by individuals who no longer want to be tied to this feeling of dis-ease. When you make a resolution, you can begin to envision a new year where things will fall into place. Embracing these resolutions is synonymous with making commitments and doing the very best to succeed. If you are looking forward to a different and stress-free year, stress resolutions can serve as your guide and inspiration.


These resolutions also help you in living a happier and healthier life. It is true that making changes in life requires effort and dedication and starting this journey to change by making your stress resolutions are brilliant step to take. Do you desire to live a life full of chaos and stress? Of course, you don’t, here’s what I did to change my life for the better.


I sat down with my partner over a year, mostly in tears trying to cope with the anxiety and becoming more irrational as time progressed, as I was literally run ragged and pulling my hair out with the ever increasing pressure I was under in every area of my life. Once I looked at my issues on paper, I could see it was an umbrella effect. Basically, the job was the trigger of all the other issues. Working so many hours exhausted me, giving me little time to meal plan, cook, spend time with the family, look after the house, be a good mum and partner and last but most importantly, look after myself!
These were my stress resolutions:


• Leave my Job

• Change my diet

• Put new energy into my exercise routine

• Spend much more time with my family


My journey began. Easter 2017, I left my full-time permanent job. One of the biggest choices I have had to make to date. More on this to follow.


So, the decision was made! On my first weekend of freedom, I went away to Italy on a business trip with my partner. The first evening in Italy, I had a bad fall (no booze involved!), injuring my ribs badly.


Yes, I felt low at this point and the pain was through the roof too. No exercise for 3 months and laser treatment for many weeks. I was frustrated, to say the least! But I quickly focused on what I could do. So I made a start on eating healthily in my new found free time! So the new food routine began. You can read more about this later.


The only exercise I could do was Breathing Exercises. These had a profound impact on my life.


This was the turning point to regaining my sanity. The impact of my stress resolutions in my life has been awesome!



• There is fresh food in the fridge.

• We have a meal plan that works.

• The grocery bill is down considerably.

• I put dinner on the table every night involving healthy, home-cooked meals.

• We no longer employ a cleaner saving a huge monthly bill.

• I’m on top of the washing and house duties.

• We are working together as a family team.

• No more Mummy guilt.

• I can work from home.

• Most importantly, I’m there for my family.


What resolutions could you add to your life, to make you happier and healthier?


If I can do it, anyone can!







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  1. Hi Nicky,
    I am sorry to read you had the fall in Italy. I am glad you are doing better, and that it was a blessing in disguise! 🙂 (This blessing was deep undercover.)
    Congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle!

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  2. Wow, what an inspiration to let go of the stress and look at life objectively so things can be improved. You’re so brave to have made all the changes and your hard work has obviously paid off! Well done! Shall have to try it myself Haha! Xx

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