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Top 11 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Top 11 Ways to Overcome Procrastination


Are you a constant list maker?  But never actually finding a way to get on and stop on the list?!  Do you find the overwhelm becomes too much to handle?  Are you wondering how to stop procrastinating and get motivated?  Well here is 11 ways to overcome procrastination – that work!


(My advice is to stop procrastinating and start putting this list into action!)


#1 Give it Five (or Ten)


You can endure five minutes of anything.


Set yourself up for success by making a list of difficult things you have done or situations you’ve gotten through in five or 10 minutes.


Start each sentence with, “If I can _______ for 5 minutes, I can (task) for 5 minutes. Repeat these to yourself as often as needed.


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#2: Reward Yourself


This tactic doesn’t work for everyone or every task.


Look at the task or project and create a meaningful reward for yourself that is motivating.


If you’re procrastinating on a business project, reward yourself with a new piece of office furniture or something related to your business.


#3:  Find Your Why


There is often an underlying reason for procrastinating. Dig deep and figure out why.


Are you afraid of something? Does the task remind you of something unpleasant from the past?


Address the issue and then, you’ll be able to face the project head-on.


A year from now you may wish you started today


#4: Work on Your Discipline


The truth is that you can benefit from a little more self-discipline.


Push yourself just a little bit harder. It’ll overlap into all areas of your life and you’ll be able to accomplish that project you’ve been dreading and avoiding.


Run for one more minute. Eat one more serving of vegetables. Get up just 15 minutes earlier, etc.


#5: Set Realistic Goals


One of the biggest reasons that people avoid tasks is because the goal or outcome expectation is unrealistic.


Set goals and expectations that are realistic and do-able. Build on past successes to piggy-back on the good feeling of accomplishment.

#6: Visualise the Completed Task


Imagine how you’re going to feel when the task is done.


When you can imagine the outcome, it’s easier to get started on the work and finish the task.


Take a few moments to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Life is 10% what happens to you


#7: Make it Fun


Think about what you can do to make the task fun. Build in some fun whenever possible.


Enlist the help of a friend or family member. Talk, tease, joke, sing, listen to music, have a “race”, make it a contest, etc.


Fun distractions can help you ignore the dread and get the job done.


#8: Positive Mindset Development


Push those negative thoughts out of your way. Replace them with positive phrases and outcomes.


If you catch yourself thinking, “I hate cleaning my desk,” change that to “I love having a clean desk.” Then do what it takes to get your clean desk and enjoy the feeling, as well as a little “reward.”


#9: Break Up Projects


Break up large projects you’ve been avoiding into smaller bite-sized tasks.


Instead of painting the entire house, you might paint one room each month until the project is done.


Instead of cleaning out the filing cabinet, clean out one drawer each week.


#10: Group-Related Projects


Group similar tasks and projects. It helps you be more productive. Pair a dreaded task with the one you don’t mind doing.


One project runs into the next and you are done with that dreaded project before you know it.



#11: Stop punishing yourself for procrastinating


This may be last, but it is one of THE most important on this list.  The more stressed out you are, the harder it’ll be to get your work done. Don’t get cross with yourself. Move on and focus on what you’ve got to do instead of banging your head against a brick wall!


Guilt and worry are draining emotions which have a huge knock-on effect on your health. So wasting time shouting at yourself for not starting this contract two weeks ago will only make you extra tired and frustrated when the deadline is looming. This will make it impossible for you to finish your work right now, or do it efficiently.


I would love to know if you have any other suggestions that could help The Procrastinator.  If you’re not one yourself, we are sure to all know someone who is!


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