Activities to do in school holidays in Bristol with children.

Top 5 Activities to do in Bristol

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After having a crazy busy half term break with the boys, I have started researching for activities for our Summer Holidays which are fast approaching!  We spent a fortune during the last school holiday, so I am keen to make some cut-backs where I can.  It’s all in the organisation!  We will be staying local and looking for activities to do in Bristol with children, so first stop was to search for the best savings on things to do in Bristol at Groupon.



Amazing children activities in the south west


#1 Climbing in Bristol


Whatever the weather!


Wet and windy, rainy and can’t play on the beaches? Head to the most fantastic indoor climbing experience which I’ve put at the top of our Activities to do in Bristol with Children!


The boys particularly loved our last climbing session at Clip n Climb, so was thrilled to see there was an amazing deal for climbing in Bristol!


Clip n Climb


We booked for the boys plus Andy to climb, but in fact, the boys climbed and Andy was the clipper, which worked very well.


TOP TIP – Don’t pay for the adults as they are needed as helpers if you want to make the most of your hour climbing!


Safety First!


The team made them feel safe, the environment could have been totally nerve wrecking for a shy one on a first visit, but instead, he couldn’t wait to get started!


The staff were super helpful and there was plenty of them to be sufficiently helpful and not too much so that they were under your feet.   All of them helped if and when needed on the 21+ climbing walls that they had to choose from in the junior area.


It was a real jump up from our local climbing centre and the walls were so much taller and the variety was tremendous!  When you book it is for 90 minutes.  This is inclusive of 30 minutes safety brief, video and fitting the harnesses.  They will go through how to put a harness on and show you how the lowering mechanism works and assure you that it is safe and that you are generally happy.


My youngest, who is 8 years old said the most wonderful thing after the instructors talk.


I’m 100% confident and 0% nervous!


Climbing can bring out great confidence in children



They had great fun attempting to climb all the walls.  Some were easier than others!  It’s amazing how tiring it is, you get an hour to climb after instruction, which is about right.  This gives you enough time to attempt all available walls. You can pay a bit extra (£2.50) for a ‘leap of faith’ which many children enjoyed!



Climbing in the south west


Don’t panic!


The staff were very patient with children that were nervous.  When one that got stuck through nerves, as he didn’t feel he could get down on his own. Help and encouragement from the staff member who went up and brought him down. A highly recommended this place to visit!


Other recommended attractions in Bristol:-


  • #2 Paintball at Hamburger Hill


  • #3 One-Hour Bouncing Session with Optional One-Hour Parkour Lesson at Freedog


  • #4 West Country Karting


  • #5 Flip Out Bristol


The moral of my story is make sure you plan in advance to save yourself the cash and the worry!  These amazing places not only get expensive on the day, but also they are heaving with holidaymakers.


Stay safe and enjoy your holidays!


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