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It’s that time of year again!


This can be a crazy period of organising or you could be the ‘wait til the last minute’ person!  But we can’t pretend it’s not happening!  We all need to get organised for Christmas, whatever your budget.  Here I have put together our Top Ten Christmas Gifts.  I hope you will find the guide useful.



Pie Face Showdown


  • Pie-throwing arm could go off at any moment


  • Score a point every time you turn the handle without getting splatted


  • Easy to set up and clean


  • Whipped cream not included


  • Age 5+


Simple construction. We had so much fun. Not as messy as you would expect. Not much danger of cream going on furniture and wall etc. Depending on how much you load up the hand is how fast it pops up and splats you in the face. Easy to take apart and clean. Children who love eating cream will quickly work out not to push the button very much and lose in favour of eating the squirty cream. Win or lose it’s still lots of fun. Played with 2 – 4 children and game normally lasted about 30 mins.

The Cozmo Robot


  • Anki Cozmo


  • Best robotic AI toy


  • Wall-e style communication


Ordered beginning November and shipped from he came within 5 days of release day . Opened on Xmas morning, (downloaded app night before)10 minutes to set up and very easy. 9 year old daughter loves him and has not stopped playing with him, unlocking new games etc each day. His interactions are amazing and his emotions are so cute. Amazing little robot!

Lego Boost


  • Includes over 840 LEGO pieces, plus a LEGO move hub, interactive motor and a colour and distance sensor.


  • Rotate Vernie’s head to activate its shoulder-mounted spring-loaded shooter


  • Learn how to play a song and rock out with the Guitar4000


  • Build the M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4) and try out the different tool and customisation attachments to prepare the vehicle for an array of exciting activities


  • Move Hub features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, two encoded motors, activation button, internal tilt sensor and a light


  • A tablet running iOS 10.3 and newer/Android 5.0 or above is required to build and play with LEGO Boost. Please visit to check if your tablet is compatible


This is an amazing toy – bought for my 7 year old son’s birthday. When you build the first one it takes you through the build in stages, with actions that need to be mastered on the app prior to giving you the next stage of build instructions. THis is brilliant as it makes sure that your child fully understands how to get the most out of what is a really rich and complex toy. We love it and hope Lego being out more Boost stuff. Only downside – the engine part takes 6 AAA batteries and they do not last long – we were getting messages the batteries were low (having used a brand new set) at the end of the first build. The toy is good value (assuming you already own an ipad!) but we are going to be spending a lot on batteries – it would be better if the engine part had a rechargeable battery (suspect this would put the costs up a lot).


Tyler the Playful Tiger


  • Tiger pet responds to sounds


  • 100+ sound & motion combinations



  • Reacts to his squeaky toy


My niece loves Tyler. I have bought FurReal pets for other children, and they have loved them. This tiger is much more interactive and hence the steeper price tag. She thinks it’s adorable and enjoys trying to make him roar. It’s very responsive to interactions – stroking, tickling, talking etc. A very clever and super cute toy pet.


Proto Max Interactive Pup


  • The Proto Max interactive pet can become a customisable pup


  • They can even have it do awesome tricks and routines by using the downloadable app


  • The fun starts the moment kids open the box


Product Description..Kids can create and code their ultimate pup! The Proto Max interactive pet can become a customisable pup – kids can customise its personality and responses with 400+ sounds, 100+ eye animations, a wide range of colours, and 360-degree motion. They can even have it do awesome tricks and routines by using the downloadable app. The fun starts the moment kids open the box. They’re welcomed with a fur Real Makers guide and intuitive 9-piece build complete with surprising sounds during assembly. With the turn of a dial and push of a button, kids can select its starter personality, including basic sounds, lights, and responses. Next, kids can create and code even more by downloading the fur Real Makers app (onto a separate device; not included), They can add depth to their pup’s personality by renaming it and customising responses to 10+ activation points, and creating tricks and routines through easy drag-and-drop play. Kids can discover more ways to play with the app’s remote-control capability, letting them direct their pup in real time. They can also play games and earn badges with their pup as they feed and nurture it while using the app. fur Real Makers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.



Micro Delux Scooter (Available in Purple and Pink also!)


  • A wide range of scooters that are leaving a real mark on urban mobility around the world; an exceptional range and quality of design.


  • Scooter in spectacular colours and design made for kids of school age.


  • Perfect Evolution of the Mini Micro innovative steering system with a simple tilt of the body it allows you to curve in an ever more adventurous way.


  • Extremely durable telescope handle from 68 cm to 91 cm.


  • For ages 5 to 12, Maximum load: 70 kg.


Great scooter: well built – our daughter has the mini version and its very sturdy. Would definitely recommend it. Our son got it on Friday and has used it for more than 2hrs a day since then: very stable too and with the weight limit should last him ages. A number of accessories out there is also a nice option to have.


Meccano Robot Max


  • The future is here and it’s ready to play! Meet M.A.X, the 12″ tall advanced robot featuring both artificial intelligence and customizable programming.


  • M.A.X comes with built-in infrared sensors, to help it sense obstacles and navigate surfaces as it rolls around on sturdy smart wheels.


  • Challenge young minds with this S.T.E.M robotics toy. Perfect for budding engineers, builders and visionaries, M.A.X requires kids to engage in critical thinking.


  • M.A.X is a robotics toy recommended for kids aged 10+. Intermediate complexity level. Build time of 1-3 hours.


I wanted to review this Mexicano MAX because my daughter is super crazy into building things and loves Meccano toys. She absolutely LOVED it!! Over the course of two days-and only because I made her stop and do something else-she built this little guy. She didn’t need or want my help at all. She just read the instructions and built it using the included tools. I just looked on helplessly. The smile on her face as she built it, was all I needed to know this thing was awesome!


The things this robot does are just amazing. It can move around, it can pick things up, you can play games with it, and even have it tell you a joke-which are pretty corny, but they all laughed. There’s apparently an app and a download you’ll need to get the full use of this robot, but like every other part of this project, she handled that all on her own too! (She’s 11yrs old and well versed in building meccanos and downloading what it needed).


This would be, I would guess, a difficult project for a younger child, but with appropriate guidance from an adult, I’m sure even 8-10yr olds could get something meaningful out of this project. A child between 11 and 14 could easily do this by themselves if they have a mind for building these sort of things.


Airhog D1 Official Race Drome

  • Take to the skies with the Air Hogs Official DR1 FPV Race Drone


  • Experience First Person Viewing flight from the cockpit


  • Record, edit and share your racing flight videos using the app


  • *Smartphone not included. Smartphone is required for First Person Viewing with the included headset.


  • 4-Channel controller requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)


Product Description…. Experience First Person Viewing flight from the cockpit with the Air Hogs Official DR1 FPV Race Drone. Take to the skies viewing your flight from the camera on the drone with the included headset. Simply download the free app onto your smartphone device, then place it in the headset to view your flight with your feet on the ground from a livestreaming camera on the drone. Suitable for any level you can test your piloting skills with beginner and advanced modes, to help you on your way to becoming the next DR1 drone racing professional. The auto take-off, auto-land and barometric pressure height lock helps to assist you in your flight allowing for easy manoeuvrability.


Share your experience with friends and family by using the free Air Hogs app to record, edit and upload your drone racing videos. Its sleek design features ducted propellers allowing it to be capable of tackling tumbles with its crash-resistant structure, ideal for when you are learning the ropes. This set comes complete with 1 x Drone, 1 x Controller, 1 x Headset for your smartphone, 1 x USB Charger and easy to use instructions. Take to the skies with the Air Hogs Official DR1 FPV Race Drone Experience First Person Viewing flight from the cockpit Live video streaming straight to the headset via a smartphone* Test your skills with beginner and advanced modes Learn the ropes with flight assist technology Download the Air Hogs app onto your smartphone device Record, edit and share your racing flight videos using the app 4-Channel controller requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) *Smartphone not included. Smartphone is required for First Person Viewing with the included headset.


Transformers: The Last Knight RC Sqweeks

  • Transformers: The Last Knight AutoRoute Squeaks RC


  • Comes with remote control and movie-inspired blaster accessory


  • Interactive features include lights, sounds, and phrases


  • Dance and blaster modes, both with lights and sounds


  • Figure does not convert


The kids love this it explodes into action and works really well. It talks and engages them with what’s going on plus roams the house pretty well. Great present and perfect size as it is big enough to cope with knocks etc but not too big to store. Great Christmas present for the day as the kids will love using it straight out of the box. Just make sure you have plenty of batteries as it needs 6 of them.

Fisher Price ‘Teach and Tag’ Movi

  • 3 ways to play! Alpha Fun Actions Think & Move Shapes Learn & Play Games


  • Teach ‘n Tag Movie can move here. there & everywhere-360 degrees of mobility!


  • 2 light-up buttons on his head enhance gameplay


  • See his facial expressions change during play-60+ different faces!


The Teach ‘n Tag Movi toy is a great interactive toy that’s educational, entertaining and fun. It appears quite sturdy and required minimal assembly. The instructions were simple and easy to read and understand. The Movi consists of three ways to play with six games to choose from: alpha fun action, think and move shapes and learn and play games. It boasts that it will get your little one mind and body moving, which it really does.

Happy Shopping!

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