What's your superpower?

What is Your Superpower?

The Year of the Woman – January 2018


Deep sea diving or reading people’s minds? We already know that all my readers are superheroes, but we don’t know what your superpower should be. Time to find out what’s hiding inside!


2018 is The Year of the Woman and marks 100 years since women were first given the vote. Even then, it wasn’t all women.  The criteria were they had to be over 30 and meet certain property qualifications.


That bias continues today. Women still only make up one-third of MPs and there are more men leading FTSE 100 boards than women, however, this figure has risen to almost 28% of women.


Finding Your Superpower


This year is certainly a year of change for me personally and January has been about recognising my superpower!  Having made several decisions in 2017 to shake my life up a little!  Exciting times are ahead!




What’s Your Superpower?


It’s interesting to take a quiet moment to look at your superpower, and what you think it might be.  It’s harder than you think trying to find something positive about yourself.  I came up with:


  • positive
  • helpful
  • friendly
  • people person
  • great communicator
  • super organised
  • strong work ethic


phone a friend


Phone a Friend!


I then went on to ask what my friends, old colleagues and family thought my superpowers were.


This was, of course, an incredibly social activity, over coffee and cake, g&t meets ups and a little social media ask!  It was heartwarming to hear the responses, and there were quite a few!  Here were some of my superpowers!


  • great communication skills
  • respectful
  • trustworthy
  • practical
  • incredibly organised
  • super smiley
  • immeasurable supportive
  • super lovely
  • empathy
  • make people feel at ease
  • inspirational
  • confidential
  • problem solver
  • kind
  • funny
  • a lovely friend to so many
  • non-judgemental
  • professional
  • resourceful
  • resilient
  • supportive
  • caring and kind
  • going that extra mile
  • loving and caring unconditionally
  • calming
  • coming up with goods against all odds
  • full of positivity
  • big heart




Thank you


After listening and reading all the wonderful comments, I had an initial blank.  What does this all mean?!  But this list helped me build a picture of who I am and what I offer to those around me, both socially and in the working environment.  I recommend everyone doing this to gain direction.


Find Your Passion


Follow your passion – that’s easier said than done. But what happens if you don’t know what your passion is?


This isn’t just an issue for those beginning their careers, it can be a problem for those stuck in jobs that they don’t enjoy, or even those looking for something that lights their fire outside of the workplace.


I was yearning for something more.  It’s all too easy to fall into a routine that leaves you bored or unfulfilled.


I asked myself these questions:


  • Think of a subject that you could read 200 books about without getting bored?
  • What could I do for five years straight without getting paid?
  • Imagine what would I spend my time doing if I had a complete financial security to do anything?
  • What gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.
  • Imagine not doing something.  Is that thought too much to bear? It’s a passion. It doesn’t have to be a moneymaker. Make your money some way that will give you the time for what you really love to do.


I Found My Passion


I’ve always loved to write. Just over 15 years ago I stumbled into my love of words when I came across Comping – The art of entering consumer competitions. To be more precise tiebreakers. You will have seen them around. Usually starting with “why do you want to win a trip to the moon?” In 15 words or less.


I used to love spending the day with my rhyming dictionary and thesaurus penning my thoughts. Which if you don’t already know paid off handsomely.


Some of my biggies included £50k cash, £30k Laura Ashley design home makeover, holidays to LA, Florida, numerous trips to Spain, Portugal and much, much more!


You can probably understand why I began to love words so much!  I also loved the post lady, who had the pleasure of delivering my wins daily!

this is my happy place


Comfortably Living Outside of the Box


As you may have noticed, I’m quite natural living outside of the box.


What do I mean by living outside of the box?


Just because society says it’s the norm to get a regular job after you’ve gone through the ‘normal’ education system, doesn’t mean to say we all have to follow suit.  Whatever is your thing, just do it!  It matters not what others think.  Those that know and care for you, will understand and love you more for it.


It’s taken me to my 40’s to find the courage to go back to being me again.  And my gut tells me that living and working in an alternative (to the norm) way suits me just fine, as soon as I step into the box, my gut wants to bolt!


Other people find this much harder.


When I was living out of the box previously and entering competitions full time for a very good living, friends and acquaintances would often ask why don’t you get a proper job?


I tried to explain exactly why…


“Show me a job that would give me the freedom, job satisfaction, joy, social interaction across the country, opportunity to travel and earn far in excess of anything I had worked in previously.”


They would still look rather bemused.  Because for some, living inside the box is comfortable, and that’s ok.


Money Saving


I went on to venture into the world of money saving for many years.  Wow!  That was a fabulous learning curve which saved me thousands a year.  Including several holidays and two new kitchens with Clubcard vouchers – thank you very much Mr Tesco’s!






What a wonderfully unique way to earn your living!


I started learning the art of blogging in October 2017 where I share my superpower.  It has been a gorgeous journey that has taken over my entire world, for the last 4 months as I have literally lived and breathed wanting to know everything there is to know about being an online influencer, social media expert,


Every day is different.  It’s unique and versatile, and anything other than boring!  I’ve been fortunate enough to find my Tribe of Bloggers and the support within the community is second to none, both professionally and personally.


I’m so excited about 2018 for Spinnin’ Plates.  I’m thrilled to be on my way to receiving a regular income and proving that IT CAN BE DONE!


If you would like to hear more from me, along with exclusive news and tips, pop your name below!




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