pets are fantastic for your health

Why Pets Are Good For Your Health

Aside from the obvious benefit of companionship, did you know that spending time with a dog or cat can actually affect your mood, health, and well-being positively too? Today, our lifestyles can be so hectic, and sometimes you just need to disconnect. Pets are great stress-fighters and are good for helping you to unwind. Taking your dog out for a walk or playing with your cat, means that you are subconsciously disconnecting from the world around you and here are a few more reasons why pets are fantastic for your health:

Image by Lenka Novotná from Pixabay

Staying Active

Dogs are great for helping improve your cardiovascular health. According to studies, dog owners who regularly walked their dogs were more physically active and less likely to be obese than those who didn’t own or walk a dog. It was also found that elderly people who walk their dogs regularly, walk faster than their counterparts who don’t own a dog and that they’re even more mobile at home.

Stress Relieving

Spending time with your pet can have an amazing calming effect on you and can help decrease your cortisol levels which is the hormone that our bodies release when you experience stress.

Less risk of allergies

Having a pet in your household while growing up may have helped you develop an immunity to allergens. While people think this would be the opposite and that it would give you allergies, this isn’t right.  

A Healthy Heart

Stroking a dog or cat lowers your blood pressure and studies also suggest that owning a pet may lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart failure – this goes hand in hand with being active and experiencing joy regularly.

Social skills

Pets can help create human-to-human friendships because by taking your dog out to a park, you often to engage with other dog owners, which promotes social interactions. Pets have also shown to offer comfort and social interaction to people with brain deteriorating diseases. Animals also enhance social skills in children living with autism and many animal-assisted therapy programs for ASD have even started to include animals such as dolphins and horses to develop social skills in people with an autism spectrum disorder.

There’s so much more to owning a pet than you may have once thought, they benefit us in so many ways, so it’s only sensible to look after them and give them the lives they deserve. There is now more information than ever before on different breeds of animals and how to look after them. Plus, with people spending more and more money on their pets, there is a vast choice of pet supplies online and ways of ordering subscriptions for food. So you can spend more time just enjoying and having fun with your furry friend.

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