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21 Simple Tips to Declutter Your Life

Excessive clutter is often a sign that we are stressed and can have a knock-on effect on every area of our lives.  So much so, that just looking at your finances or day to day tasks can be overwhelming, when everything around you is in disarray.  Are you ready to declutter your life?


21 Tips to declutter your life.


Are You Ready to Declutter Your Life?


The idea of living a simplified, uncluttered life with less stuff sounds incredible to so many. Yet tackling the clutter causes anxiety and defeated before you begin.


The best way to tackle the decluttering of your home, your workspace and your life is to take it in baby steps.  Each one combined will lead to big improvements that will be easier to maintain over the long-run.


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21 Simple Tips to Declutter Your Life


  1. Clutter steals your peace, limits productivity, and brings a lot of negative baggage with it. Declutter all areas of your life to feel better and work more efficiently, even before you start to organise and optimise.


  1. Declutter first. Everything from emails to garages should be clutter-free. Get rid of the junk before trying to organise. When you see only what you must organise, you can get the job done more quickly.


One in one out!


  1. Keep clutter to a minimum. For each new purchase made, a similar, little-used or broken item must go. Before you get the new item, get rid of the old one. This keeps you from being tempted to keep both.


  1. To declutter a room, make it a rule that when you leave the room, you must take something with you and put it in the appropriate place. You aren’t allowed to leave empty-handed.


  1. Place a bin in every room. Get creative to make it blend in or conceal the container’s real function. This makes it easy to toss things out, just make sure that food, drinks, or wet items always go to the kitchen bin or recycling.


Clutter free lounge


  1. Decluttering and organising to makes things easier. Initially, this can be time-consuming depending on how messy things are. Once you begin to see a little progress, you’ll feel much better and you’ll be highly motivated to continue.


  1. Tackle one room at a time. Declutter one room and finish organising it before you start decluttering another room unless someone else is responsible for doing another room. This helps you to stay focused and work effectively.


  1. Once a room has been organised fully, it’s easy to do a quick run-through daily to tidy things up. However, if you make sure you put things back and tidy up before you leave the room, it may only take 5-minutes or less per day.


Where to Start?


  1. Declutter the kitchen first. This is one of the high traffic areas so it’s also one of the most important rooms to do first. Go through every drawer and cabinet getting rid of items you don’t use at least one time a year.


  1. Once the entire kitchen contains only the things you use, start organising the items. Group and store things by type/usage. For instance, sort and place dishes close to the table or the stove. This optimises your time and space.


Tidy Table


  1. Keeping things organised gives you less time to worry or over-think things. When you spend time organising your life and all the areas, you also feel better because of your accomplishments.


  1. Make clean-up easy. In every room, have a consistent, preferably hidden, place where you store a dry rag, spray bottle, and/or wet wipes. This helps you to take care of quick clean-ups, which is great when someone just pops in.


  1. If you have stacks of unopened or good condition magazines, remove any address label and donate them to the library, school, or doctors surgery. Unsubscribe from magazines that no longer interest you or serve a purpose.


Use A Planner


  1. Use a day planner or bullet journal to keep your day on track as well as your to-do lists. They come in all sizes to suit your personal tastes. This makes it easy to keep a planner with you always to stay on track.


  1. Get and use a family planner. When you know what other family members schedules are, you don’t have to put off decisions or activities until you can find out. Being able to make immediate decisions is a huge time-saver. If you are a techy family, make a google calendar and share it.


  1. Consider using a 3-ring binder for the family planner and create a section for each person in it. Keep the planner in a work area or next to a phone. This allows you to make edits easily and quickly and for everyone to check it.


Create a Schedule


  1. Create a schedule and plan for everyone in the family planner. Make a copy of each person’s weekly plan and place it on the refrigerator or whiteboard for all to see. This makes it super easy to see the big picture.


  1. Capitalise on the ability of every family member help with age-appropriate household chores. Do more for your kids by doing less for them. Write chores on individual and family chore planners.


  1. Tip:  Laminate family chore planners and use a wipeable pen to save on paper so the children can mark off the tasks they’ve accomplished


  1. Organise your home to make locating and storing things simple. When you store things in a logical place that is close to where you use it, finding an item when you need it becomes a no-brainer, even for kids.


  1. Organise and optimise your cooking chores. Incorporate meal planning and bulk cooking into your routine. When you do this, you don’t waste time trying to figure out what to have for dinner. It’s in the freezer just waiting for you to get out the night before.



Do you have any great declutter tips to share?  I would love to hear how you have decluttered your life.


Nicky xxx

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