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My Morning Power Hour – An incredible Morning Routine

Take control of your morning routine!


Busy mums find it pretty tricky to fit time into their day to do anything for themselves.  It’s a vicious circle, looking after everyone else, sorting the house, fitting in work and at the end of the day, you’re exhausted!  But guys and gals, the way you start your morning can make or break the rest of your day, therefore, a great morning routine is a must!


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My Morning Power Hour is a game changer!


The Morning Power Hour which is part of my daily morning routine comes from Hal Elrod, an Incredible Man, Father and author of “The Miracle Morning,”   Hal has six parts to his routine—silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing.  SAVERS!


SAVERS improve our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.  You don’t have to be all woo-woo to try it.  You just need to be focused on making the most of your day by putting yourself top of the ladder, the most important person, by making that first hour all about you!


Busy mums find this pretty impossible to put ourselves first.  Therefore adding an hour to your day, you’re not taking away from your other commitments, but squeezing yourself in!  No guilt, but committing to yourself by giving yourself this precious time, just for you!


Start to think about what was most important for you to accomplish before the children wake up or before leaving for work.  I knew that I was desperate for:-


Busy mum soaking in the peace and calm of the power hour morning routine

The Joy of Silence


Peace and quiet (Can you hear it?!  It’s such a beautiful noise!!!)  How I longed for some silence!  Having being meditating for many years on and off.  I needed this practice in my life, daily!  However, I found it impossible to fit into family life.  Yet, I longed for it, to have nothingness, peace, calm and to watch your thoughts just float by and to go back to the calm of your mind just chilling!


Mum’s Exercise Routine!


I found it totally impossible fitting in a regular exercise routine in the day.  If there was anything that needed to be dropped through being ridiculously busy, it was this!  I really wanted to get back to fitness, regularly, without fail!


Just me and a Book!


Boy, I missed reading on a daily basis.  Another thing I was just too exhausted to do.  I’d open the book before I went to sleep, read a page or two.  The same pages I read the night before.  And again, I’d be too tired to focus on what I was reading, and then too tired to even turn the page!  Argh!


The power hour routine journalling scribbing



I wanted to improve the quality of my life and I know, without doubt, that you want this too. My Power Hour works for me.  Reading Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning, showed me the way forward, and by following his routine on a daily basis, it has levelled up my life, love, family, home and business to the next level!

In Hal’s book, he recommends the following routine, which encompasses those missing parts of my life I so longed for along with some double whammy bonuses that make up his well thought out Miracle Morning! :-


Silence (Meditation)





Scribe (Journalling)


The Power of affirmations!


This shows brilliantly how affirmations work…

Showing the Power Hour Affirmation Cycle


I’ve been doing this for several years now, and My Power Hour looked like this when I first began:-


Wake up at 6 am

15 minutes – Silence

5 minutes – Affirmations

5 minutes – Visualization

10 minutes – Exercising

20 minutes – Reading

5 minutes – Scribing


I made a few mistakes early on.  I did the first 25 minutes in the bed, still sleepy and not particularly focused on the task!  This didn’t work as I wasn’t getting the best I could out of this time.  If you’re going to wake up early, you’ve got to make the most of every second of that hour!


I realised by drinking a cold glass of water as a pick me up, it moved my system to wide awake very quickly!  Hal Elrod also suggests brushing your teeth before you begin!  I find the water enough to get me to alert from dozy.  I also get up straight away and go downstairs, away from the comfort of my snuggly warm bed!!  You won’t regret it!


Text reading The morning power hour


Get organised!


Plan your routine the night before.  I have an area where I have my diary and pen laid out, water in a bottle in the fridge, and ongoing read ready with my specs!   Therefore, making it easier and faster to get on with your practice, wasting none of those precious minutes of your time.


My routine has evolved over time.  That’s the joy!  My Morning Power Hour now looks like this:-


Silence (Meditation) – 15 min

Affirmations – 5 min

Visualization – 5 min

Scribe (Journalling)– 5 min

Reading – 30 min

Exercising – 30 min


I’m sure you’ve spotted, My Morning Power Hour has increased somewhat and I don’t do it in the order that Hal lays it out!   And on occasions, I run during the day, rather than exercising in the morning.  Do what suits you, but try not to sway from waking up early and fitting as much in that time as possible.


I started my routine even earlier because I loved the reward it gave me.  The more I saw changes in my life, the more I wanted to put more time and energy into it, so now get up at 5.30am.


Sounds shocking I know.


My Power Hour. Words reading I'm not a morning person!

I’m not a morning person!


I know you’re not!  I’m not either!  BUT I’ll ask you… how much do you want to change, how much do you want to achieve so much more in your life, do you think you’re worth trying this routine?!


Of course you’re worth it!


Insomnia Alert!


If I can do it, anyone can!


Having suffered from Insomnia for too many years, it’s been a tough one, because sleep has been my enemy.  But I’ve had to take the bull by the horns, and even if I wake at 3 am, I stay in bed now, whatever, until 5.30am.  I then still get up.  I know I’m never going to go back to sleep, that’s not how my mind works, so I choose to make the most of my time and focus on the positive.  Starting each day anew, even though I’ve woken several hours earlier, makes me feel like I’m taking control of my day again, rather letting my sleep deprivation define me and my life.


#7 Steps to Success – Let’s Get Intentional!


Let’s get you on the right track, with my 7-days to Calm Challenge.  This will help you on your journey to making the most of your Power Hour, with 7 days of email, with prompts for each day.


>>> 7-Days To Calm Challenge <<<




I would love to know, do you have any helpful tips you would like to share?


Nicky xxx

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