4 Easy Home Projects for Spring

4 Easy Home Projects for Spring

Can you believe it? Spring is here! That means warmer temperatures. The flowers will start to bloom. It is also time to do some Spring home projects. Use this change of seasons as a reason to revamp your home. We have all spent a lot of time at home over the last year. Let’s give your home a new look. Now, don’t worry. These four suggested home projects are relatively easy and economical.

Start a Herb Garden

Indoor plants and gardens are wonderful ways to brighten up your home as well as your culinary creations. An easy way to start with gardening is an indoor herb garden. You can convert your kitchen or living room windowsill into a garden. Popular herbs that grow fast are basil, mint, and rosemary. All you need is pots, dirt, seeds, and water. Then, with sunlight, they will grow. Be prepared to use your herbs in recipes for pesto, pasta, and perhaps a refreshing mojito

Get New Faucets in the Kitchen or Bathroom

A quick fix to bring life to your sink areas is to upgrade faucets. Whether you want a vintage or modern look, you can easily purchase and install new faucets. However, whenever you are working with plumbing, it is recommended to have the right tools and products. Dowsil products are ideal for faucets and sinks. They have a bacteria-resistant component that hits it home when you are talking about your kitchen and bathroom. If you are interested in doing a larger remodel of your kitchen or bathroom, please take a look at my post about home renovations.

Post Inspiration

We all need a little reminder to stay positive and motivated. So, why not make an inspirational statement part of your interior design. You can find posters and prints online that give inspiration. However, I like customizable peel and stick wall decor. You can select your favorite song lyric or quote. Then have it printed on a peel and stick wallpaper. Wait for it to be delivered. Then, peel and stick on the desired wall. What’s best about this DIY home project is that it is quick and not permanent. If you want to change the quote seasonally, you can. Just peel off and repeat the process.

Convert Closet to Office or Hobby Space

If you are looking for more space so that you can concentrate on your work and/or a hobby, this is a great option. By converting a closet into a work or hobby space, you don’t have to build an additional room or move into a bigger home. First, you may need to find another home for what was in the closet. You can donate clothing, toys, and books. Also, you can try to upcycle items that can be brought back to life. Secondly, you may need to purchase space-efficient office furniture or a craft table. There are many options and ideas online to create the optimal converted closet.

Spring is almost here. With the change of seasons, let’s get you and your family a change of scenery. By taking one or all of these suggestions, you will be on your way. Wishing you much success on your DIY home projects this Spring.