5 Things You Should do After you Move into a New House

Moving into a new house is exciting; it’s a fresh start at something. However, moving is one of the most stressful and tiring events. The transition is usually filled with anxiety, fear, and worry. There are loads of boxes to be unpacked, and you have to figure out where to place everything. All these things require you to act fast for you to get settled. Ensure you do the following few things after you move.

Image by Alex Mecl on Unsplash

Inspect deliveries

If you had prepared a household inventory or received one when you were moving out, use it to check all delivered items. Notify the movers immediately in case you find that an item is missing as it could still be in the moving truck. Once they leave, conduct a thorough inspection of all delivered items for any damage. If you find any that are damaged or broken, indicate the specific damage on your list and inform the moving company.

Unpack essentials

Unpacking everything on the day you move out might be impossible. However, you can unpack the essentials to get you started. These are the things that you use daily and are usually in the “open first” boxes. For the rest of the boxes that you can unpack later, find local storage units to hold them for some time.

Take care of utilities in the new house

Utilities include water, gas, and electricity. When you move into a new house, you may not know the suppliers of these utilities. Many energy suppliers tend to exert expensive, standard tariffs for new movers. Check the readings on the utility meters to avoid being overcharged and know the names of suppliers for you to switch to better tariffs.

Conduct a walk-around house inspection

Although you took a look around the house before moving in, there could be numerous problems you didn’t notice. These problems can be problematic or dangerous. Walk around the house and check for water leaks from the main valve, electric problems from the fuse box, gas leaks, onsets of mildew and mold, and look out for a pest infestation.

If you come across any areas that could be a potential threat to you and your family, fix them or call in professionals to take care of them.

Organize, unpack, and clean the house and household items

Moving into a new house can be overwhelming, especially when you still have to go to work. Create a move-in calendar with all the tasks you need to carry out and when to do them. Even if you plan for you to take care of tasks weekly or monthly, it will help you to get rid of some stress and speed-up the settling-in process.

Plan on where to keep particular items; if you have many household items, it will help you get organized with ease. Clean the entire house or call in a house cleaning company and clean the household items as you unpack and place them in the right places.

Moving into a new house, although exciting, can also be very overwhelming. Ensure you inspect deliveries from the movers thoroughly, inspect your house for any health hazards, unpack essentials, and take care of utilities like gas, water, and electricity. Afterward, organize a calendar and establish where to place items, clean, and unpack, ensuring you maximize your small space.