Beautiful Bathrooms

It’s the little things in life that give you that sense of well-being and happiness: good quality kitchen knives, a well-stocked wine rack and of course, the perfect bathroom.

If you’ve got plans on overhauling you bathroom, then in between picking the perfect bathroom tiles and paintwork that ticks all the boxes make sure you don’t miss out on all the little things that make you feel good and add those perfect touches.


Not just a few planks to store your bubble bath, the right set of shelves can add impact to a room with relatively little effort. Consider some reclaimed scaffolding boards that, once planed down and even stained and varnished can create a rustic, simple look to add character and depth to even the plainest of bathroom designs.

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And how about some bathroom art? It will have to be properly protected to avoid damage from humidity but can make an unusual and unique focal point to the bathroom.

If you’re not planning on replacing your whole bathroom suite then some thoughtful replacements of taps and fittings, though small, can make a significant difference to the overall feel. You might want to create a sleek, chrome effect or an antique-style theme. You’ll be able to source the fittings online from bathroom stores but also consider salvage or reclamation yards, where you’ll find bespoke, one-off pieces.


Naturally, you’ll want to add some well thought out extras, so find a mirror that adds depth and space to your room and reflects the natural light creating a soothing ambience.

You’ll also want to consider some hotel quality bath towels that give you a little bit of luxury in your everyday. Choose a product with a high cotton count and consider splashing out a little on towels that are good quality and will last you a while before you need to replace with them. Once you have your colour scheme and towels in order try pairing your shower mat and shower curtain with the same. Or, if you’re feeling particularly bold, why not find a contrasting colour that works well in the overall scheme.

Perfect Bathroom

You don’t need to splash out a fortune on your bathroom redesign, instead just invest in a few quality pieces that bring you satisfaction.  Find smaller items that add a touch of quality and unique style, whether that’s from the more top end design stores or one-off pieces found on online auction sites and real life antique shops.

Mix up your style with antique and modern design touches and don’t forget your bath products that add to your individual style. Include tealights, holders and fragranced candles that make every bath a real pleasure and hard to leave.

Every room in your home should offer you something that inspires and makes you happy and of course your bathroom is no exception. Research your favourite designers and lifestyle bloggers for a bathroom that is full of those little touches that create a lot of joy.

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