Bring Some Life To Your Teenage Son’s Room


Ah, the teenage years. In fact, just saying those four words is enough to evoke many interesting and quite funny feelings. We know that teenagers can be hard to deal with – but a parent yet to encounter this seriously underestimates the truth of that statement. Also, thinking that teenage sons and daughters are the same is perhaps one of the most laughable concepts around.

They’re different, but in different ways. That relatively nonsensical statement is about as accurate as you can get. It’s important to focus on the basics when raising a teenager. Consider how you can set an example. One of these examples might come in the form of helping them live in the best manner possible. Teenage sons have a habit of staying in their room, playing computer games, avoiding homework, and enjoying their own space, especially at the weekend.

To this, we would recommend you bring some life to their room. Help them set good habits now, before they fly the next. For that and more, consider our following advice:

Open The Curtains

There’s a stereotype of the teenage boy’s room never seeing a lick of sunlight, and that’s because it can be quite a common occurrence. This is especially true if the sunlight from outside lands on the television. You never know the power of how gaming can override nature. But of course, it’s nowhere near as healthy. Ensure that the curtains are open, that the windows are cracked and giving adequate ventilation. On top of that, ensure that the window sill isn’t overcrowded with belongings. This way, fresh air can come into the room at all hours of the day, and that’s a positive circumstance.

Bring Greenery In

Greenery is important to bring into the room. Not only can it show freshness and vitality, but it can help the aesthetics of the room tenfold. Buying indoor plants in bulk can help you dot similar themed and beautiful fixtures around your home. You might even help them craft a window basket for them to take care of, to give the exterior of their bedroom some light. It’s a tiny project, but it can be very fun, and who knows, it might motivate them to take care of the greenery of their room. On top of that, you might decide to purchase fixtures such as a green cati, something that can last for some time and which requires little maintenance. If you haven’t the space, a wall garden can also be a great option.

Ensure Responsibility

Have your child clean up their floor, vacuum, dust and polish once a week without fail. Ensure the bed is made. Do not let them avoid these duties. Punish them if so through grounding or having them lose access to their digital implements. If you keep consistent with this rule, they will be much more likely to follow it, and through this they will internalize the need to keep their space organized. Ensuring responsibility in this space is essential, because they will otherwise consider letting small measures slide as an acceptable scenario, when it absolutely is not.


The wardrobe can also yield a messy collection of issues you might worry about. From odd belongings to thrown clothes that haven’t been hung, it’s important that you emphasise the importance of them keeping their clothes tidy and well-pressed. It might be you opt for an open wardrobe to ensure that this is visible at all times, allowing them to avoid throwing things in the corner and forgetting about them. It might be that you are happy to do their laundry for them unless they fail to upkeep the clothes you have washed, and then as a punishment they must take wash the next large load.

This kind of carrot-and-stick approach can often work the best when trying to get a teenage lad to keep his end of the bargain. You never know just how much worth it could provide to your son’s development.


There’s no reason why bringing life to a teenage boy’s room should be only in keeping it clean. Lay out their furniture well! Give them ample space to play their belongings. Keep the walls light, but let them decorate them how they might enjoy! Of course, some posters might not be appropriate in theme, but for the most part, allowing them to keep their memories and achievements close to hand can help the room’s ethos become that of positivity.

With these tips, you’re sure to bring life to your teenage son’s room.

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