Easy Ways to Put a Spring in Your Step This Spring

Being in March, spring is technically here, but are you feeling ready for all that spring has to offer? If you are feeling a little lacklustre and feel like you have lost your get-up-and-go, then getting it back can be just what you need to get spring off to the best start. If you are feeling low, here are some simple ways that you can get a spring in your step this spring.


Switch off the news

Terms like ‘doom scrolling’ are being used more and more, as so many of us watch the news and then scroll through our social media feeds looking for the things that make us feel anxious, upset, and even depressed. If you want to give yourself a boost this spring, then either switch off the news or be more selective about the news that you listen to and how long you listen to it for. In the midst of a pandemic some facts can be helpful, but when you’ve got what you need, switch off. There is no need to make yourself feel unnecessarily anxious.

Get outdoors every day

Getting outdoors in spring is the best, as the weather starts to warm up and you can spot the lovely signs of spring with flowers blooming and nature opening up again. It can be a good idea to get out for a walk and think about things that you are thankful for at the same time. It can give you a real mental boost, as well as a physical one. Doing this each day, even for just ten minutes or so can help to give you an improved sense of wellbeing, and leave you with positive side effects like endorphins.

Get the house in order

Winter is a time when we all just want to hibernate, especially with the winter that we have all had! So as spring arrives, clearing things out in the home can be a good idea, as well as looking to improve anything that needs repairing. You could look into HVAC repair or getting a roof or window repaired, if you have noticed problems with damp or draughts over winter. When you get your home organised, it can help you to get your mind organised which can make a big difference to how you feel.

Eat well

A lot of how we feel is down to what we eat. If we don’t have good energy levels, then are you eating food that is processed and unnatural? When you eat well, with a good balance of fat, protein, fibre, and grains, you will get all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need to stay well. 

Bring spring indoors

Spring is a fun time of year and there is so much beauty in it. If you feel like you are in need of a boost, then bring spring indoors. Fresh daffodils or tulips can brighten up the space, as well as scents of spring with candles or diffusers, alongside another spring-like decor.