Ensuring Your Garden Zen Den Is Free From Distraction

If you’re looking to make some ‘me’ time, then there are few better places to find it than outside the four walls that you’re stuck in all day. However, privacy and some quiet are very important to being able to take the time to meditate, reflect, or simply relax. For that reason, the garden can be just the zen den that you need, but it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s made up just right to offer the kind of peace that you need.

Pic – CC0 License

You need a comfy place to be

Whether you’re looking to fall in love with meditation or simply for a place to sit outside, laying in the grass doesn’t sustain its novelty forever. Instead, you might need to look at giving yourself some space to sit, whether it’s on patio pavings or some decking. Furniture that’s practical and comfortable can ensure you’re able to spend longer outdoors without being forced to move by discomfort.

Be confident in your privacy

Whether you want to relax with a meditation app, some music, or even a friend to help guide you, you don’t want to worry about neighbours looking in or listening in. To that end, it might be worth taking the time to install some great privacy measures. For instance, if your garden has a fence, then using vertical gardening, such as green walls, provides both visual and audio cover, as it stops soundwaves from travelling. Water features such as fountains and birdbaths can help prevent noise from coming in and going out, too.

Do away with the distractions

The back yard is often a practical space for the utilities of the home, as well as a place to relax. As such, there might be a few unsightly or even noisy distractions that can get in your way if they’re not addressed. For instances, many homes have a utility panel outdoors that can be rather distracting visually, but a little wise potted plant placement can take it out of your eyesight. If your home relies on a water pump to save water, then water pump covers can do much the same for it. It can even help drown out the noise, some.

Add an actual zen garden

If you have the room for it and you’re not worried about pets or children messing it up, then you might actually want to take the time to install a real zen garden into your own backyard. These combinations of stones and sand are built to be modified and experimented with by you. The task of focusing on envisioning a design then manipulating materials to achieve it can help ground you and give you something to think about instead of the stresses of daily life, allowing you some distance from them.

There’s nothing to stop you from turning your garden into the haven that you need to get away from the stresses of the day-to-day. It might just need a little help in becoming the right space for it. Hopefully, the tips above help.