Everything You Need To Create A Home Workout Space

A common complaint from a lot of people is that they don’t have time to go to the gym and exercise. Either that or they feel intimidated by a gym environment, or have many other reasons to avoid going to the gym. All of these reasons are somewhat valid, and you shouldn’t feel pressurised to enter a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. However, you also can’t use this as an excuse to avoid working out and getting fit. Instead of paying for gym memberships, you can discover your fitness journey at home!

This brings up another query, usually relating to a lack of resources to work out at home. People assume that you need to have your own dedicated home gym to do workouts, but this isn’t the case. By all means, if you can create a home gym, that would be perfect! Still, it’s easy for everyone to make their own little workout space at home, with minimal equipment and hardly any investment. Here’s everything you need to get started:

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Find some space

Firstly, you need to find some space in your home to complete your workouts. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t have to be a massive open area. The amount of space required depends on two things: how big you are and the workout you want to complete. Let’s say you’re doing some yoga, you only need enough space to comfortably lie down in. You should be able to find this in at least one of the rooms in your home! For more dynamic workouts where you move around a bit more, you’ll need some extra space. Realistically, most workouts can be done within the confines of a small room – this can be a bedroom, living room, maybe even your hallway!

Make sure you have suitable flooring

Carpet is probably the best flooring type for home workouts, purely because it’s soft underfoot and carries less risk of injuries if you fall over. However, if you’re doing any exercises that involve lying down on the floor, you should endeavour to get some carpet cleaners round for a deep clean. Realistically, your carpet will be filthier than you think, so it’s unhygienic to lie on it unless you know it’s had a deep clean. Even then, the thought of lying on the floor might not appeal to you. Don’t worry, there are two simple ways around this – which will also make most flooring options suitable for home workouts. 

Simply put, you can lay down some mats on the floor. A yoga or exercise mat on a hardwood or carpeted floor gives you a clean place to exercise. Of course, it still helps if the floor is cleaned beforehand, but at least there’s something between you and the surface. Now, if you use weights or jump around a lot, it might be better to protect your flooring with some padded mats. If you have kids, you may have already got something that works perfectly here. Do you know those interlocking jigsaw mats that are made of durable foam? They’re used to create kid’s play areas in the home, protecting them if they fall over. You can actually use these to create the perfect flooring area for home workouts. The padding adds extra cushioning and can protect your floor from heavy impacts. 

Buy some resistance bands

You can definitely get a good home workout in without any equipment at all – especially if you’re a beginner. Still, resistance bands are an excellent and affordable investment. You can buy sets for a decent price that come with attachments to let you anchor them in your doors. Instantly, it’s like you’ve created your own gym cable machine at home! There are so many ways you can use resistance bands for a workout, and they are more affordable than buying weights. They’re also much easier to store, taking up way less space in your home. 

Ensure there’s good ventilation

Finally, be sure that there’s good ventilation in the room when you’re working out. In essence, keep a window open to let the fresh air circulate in the room. Otherwise, the room gets super warm and sweaty, smelling quite bad in the process. The more you work out, the smellier the room gets! Keeping the windows open ensures this doesn’t happen, so your house continues to smell fresh. 

And there you have it; everything required to create a little workout space in your home. You need hardly any equipment, very little investment, and you’ve now got an easy way to stay fit without going to a gym!