Four Simple Actions To Invite Positive Change In Your Life

Image via Pexels – CC0 Licence 

One value that we should all hold dear in our lives is growth. The ability to develop ourselves and create positive change is truly a worthwhile thing to cultivate in our lives. You have to remember that it’s not the sweeping declarations of intent that matter most, but the small daily decisions that form our habits, and ultimately our lives. Change can be contagious, but it’s also something that usually requires a bit of motivation to get starting. So how can you build the positive momentum you need to invite change into your life? 

Learn A New Skill

Expanding our minds is the key to expanding our horizons, and it can unlock a lot of other things in life, from meeting new friends as an adult through to a whole new career. And the beauty of it is, there are lots of pathways to invite learning into your life. It might be reaching out to find a mentor. It could be volunteering in a new area to gain additional skills. It could simply be expanding your mind with the right books and podcasts. Or you may decide to take the more formal route and finally start that degree that could change your life. Who knows where it could lead you? You might find yourself looking for student accommodation at the university of coventry to pursue a business degree – or even decide to strike out solo and start your own company. 

Act Like A Tourist

Why are holidays so good for the soul? Put simply, aside from being removed from the pressures of normal life, it’s the chance to take in the wonders of a new location that really nourish our minds. But what is stopping you applying that mindset and feeling to your own hometown? It doesn’t matter whether you live in a bustling city or a more rural location, there’s definitely something to discover that you haven’t seen before. Pretend you’re a tourist, look up the top attractions in your city and go visit the sights. Take your time to wander around, sample some new food, soak up the atmosphere and watch the world go by – all things we automatically do in ‘holiday mode’ that we tend to neglect at home.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Sometimes, a catalyst for positive change can be very simple – literally growing something. You don’t have to have a huge garden to do it either – a balcony or a simple window box full of herbs is enough. Growing something gives a deep rooted sense of achievement, even if you’re just growing tomatoes or a sunflower. Tending your plants, feeling connected to nature and embracing the calm that plant care brings can be enough to reset your mind and get you thinking about other possible areas of growth in your life. 

Meet Some New People

New ideas and change in our lives are often ushered in by the people that we meet. They have the power to change our perspective and introduce us to new pathways we may never have thought of as possible before. But making new friends as an adult can be hard. Developing a hobby or joining an exercise class are a couple of routes in but there are also now friendship apps – a little bit like dating ones – where you can meet people platonically that share the same interests as you and make connections.