How to Decrease Your Anxiety When Driving

Driving can be a freeing and relaxing thing for most people, but for some, it can cause anxiety, stress, and panic attack. This is not something that is uncommon, and some people are not sure how they can deal with their anxiety and just give up driving altogether, or they do it as little as possible. Driving does not have to be stressful, and your anxiety does not need to hold you back from getting in your car and driving to where you need to go.

It can be hard to get over anxiety and is something that needs to be worked at if you are suffering from anxiety, then talking to someone and getting help is a great place to start; if your anxiety is not too severe, then hopefully, these tips may help you to drive where you need to go as stress-free and anxiety-free as possible.

Source: Pixabay

Check you have all the things necessary to drive

Although this may seem simple and almost silly, making sure you have everything you need to actually drive will help to decrease that feeling of anxiety. Some people are anxious about getting pulled over by authorities or getting in an accident and not being covered. All these thoughts can trigger anxiety that is linked to you getting in your vehicle, so make sure you have car insurance, tax, and an MOT. If you do not have insurance, then you can take out car insurance with Call Wiser, who will get you insured and make sure you can go on your journey, especially if you have found out last minute and need to get insured; you can also go online and get your vehicle taxed and check the MOT. If you are not MOTed, then you will need to take your car into the garage to be checked.

Choose when you travel

If your anxiety when driving is linked to being in traffic and you don’t like the feeling of being stuck or driving so congested, then it is best you choose when you travel carefully. If you know when the busy times are in your area or where you are driving, then try where you can to plan your journey around these times. Also, you can check via your sat nav or maps on your phone where there will be traffic or congestion and change your route; it requires a little pre-planning and adaption but will help you to get where you need to go with reduced anxiety.

Try not to add to your anxiety

This means just driving carefully and within the law, make sure you stick to speed limits, and do signals correctly. Doing simple things like this can help to keep your anxiety down; if you start seeing you have gone over the speed limit or forgot to signal, it will increase the chances of accidents, and the thought of that can then increase your anxiety, which then leads to your driving being impacted so if you can keep those little things in check it is less to worry about.

If you are someone that gets anxious when driving, then make sure you keep trying to drive and don’t give up on it completely. If you are struggling, then hopefully, these tips may help to decrease that anxiety and help you drive better.