How To Use Your Hidden Space As Storage

It’s not uncommon for your home to lack storage and ultimately organization. You may be one of those people who are always struggling to find a home for your belongings, this can be even more applicable if you have a lot of hobbies or a family. There are, however, secrets behind storage solutions and ways that you can begin to use the underutilized space in your home. 

Photo by ATBO from Pexels

Whether you have small rooms, want to keep your personal belongings hidden away from guests or just want to organize your home a little more, you will probably benefit from adding extra storage spaces throughout your home. Often bulky storage units can take up valuable space and look cluttered, you will also find that remodels and expensive installations are a waste when you are able to make small changes and use up the secret spaces you have in your home. 

Have a look below at and take advantage of these brilliant ways that you can organize your home without the need to renovate: 

Hide Clutter In A Sideboard

Items such as coasters, remote controls, and other bits and bobs, can clutter your living space and make it look untidy. Having a sideboard unit in your living space, not only makes for a nice area for ornaments, but it also provides cupboards and drawers for storage. You can store anything related to your living room in here. Think about using it for your winter throws, coasters, remotes, family games, children’s toys and much more in order to keep it tidy and clutter-free. If you’re worried about it being a bit bulky in your living room, there are normally narrow options when choosing a sideboard. 

Take Advantage Of Your Bed

There are many ways that you can take advantage of the space under your bed. A popular option is to raise your bed and then utilize the space with storage boxes. You would normally store items that you don’t use very often such as your summer clothes when it’s the winter months. If you want to stick to a nice-looking option then storage beds can be beautiful and look perfect in a master bedroom. Storage under children’s beds is also an ideal option for making use of this space. You will find that children tend to go through stages where they don’t play with certain games or toys, this is a good use of this area. 

Use Stackable Boxes For Toys

Whether you have a playroom, a dedicated area in your living room or want to organize the kid’s rooms too, using stackable storage boxes can be a brilliant way to store a lot but also save space. Board games, lego pieces, building blocks, and art materials can massively clutter any room. Stackable storage boxes keep the pieces together, organized and out of the way when not being played with. You can also create seating areas with spaces below to store the boxes, so you’re not only using the boxes as a great way to store toys you’re also creating a seating area for things like reading. 

These three ways of using hidden space in your home could help you to get your home organized. Do you know any other hidden spaces in your home that you can use for storage? Please share them in the comments section below.