Mom’s Last Minute Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

Life as a mom is busy, and that means, despite our best intentions, buying the perfect gift for the people in our lives can take a back seat. Of course, leaving gifts that you want to be meaningful until the last minute can be particularly stressful unless you follow our suggestions for each occasion below that is? 

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When it comes to last-minute gifts for a loved one’s birthday, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. The first one that can be particularly successful is some art for their home. Indeed, choosing art is a wonderful idea because there is such a massive range from which to choose, therefore it makes it almost impossible not to find something that the birthday boy or girl will like. 

There are even many independent artists making original work based on certain fandoms and franchises. This means you could choose a topic, film, or show they love and get them something to do with that. Elevate this gift by adding a frame or a voucher that can be used in a framing shop. Be sure to choose prints, or ready-made pieces if you need them fast and always choose next day delivery if you want your art to arrive on time. 

Another wonderful last-minute birthday gift option is a box of cupcakes. Of course, you can head to your nearest bakery and buy some that are ready-made. Although if you want to earn extra points, why not whip up a batch yourself? Then you can personalize them precisely to the recipient with flavor and colors and create an even more meaningful gift

Finally, if you are looking for a last-minute birthday gift, then an item personalized with the receipt’s full name is probably out. The reason being that such things often have longer lead times. However, you can still achieve a very similar effect by choosing pieces that have the first letter of their first or last name. Indeed, many shops and independent online stores keep a stock of all the letters, so you will still be able to get the one you need and have it shipped via express delivery. 


As most moms are already all too familiar with, Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, and invariably that means ending up forgetting an important gift or too. Fortunately, there are some fantastic festive last-minute options to consider. 

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The first of these is a gorgeous bunch of flowers. This is often a very smart selection indeed, the reason being that florists deliver right up until Xmas eve. Something that means your gift is much more likely to reach its intended recipient, even if you have left it very late. 

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Of course, as you can see from the offerings at Fig & Bloom, it’s not just bunches of flowers that florists will deliver at Christmas time, but whole boxes of festive-themed treats. Crates that include scented candles, cheese boards, and knives, and even adorable mini Christmas trees in pots! 

If flowers or a gift box isn’t quite right for the person you want to send a last-minute Christmas gift to, then it’s always worth considering the gift card option. Yes, I know it’s less personal than a gift that you have picked out yourself. However, there are some distinct advantages. 

The first of these is that no matter how late you have left it, you can always pay for a voucher online, and then email it to the recipient in time for Christmas. Even on the big day itself, which is a godsend, because the post is often crazy busy and clogged up the nearer, it gets to Christmas day. 

Also by choosing a voucher you can be sure that you are investing in a gift that the recipient will truly appreciate and use. Rather than just helping to fill their home with more stuff that just gets chucked out or stuck in a corner once the festive season is over. 

Birth of a baby 

When you are a mom it can seem as a new baby is being born to people in your circle every five minutes! The good news is that there is a fine selection of gifts that you can present to mother and baby that are also fast and easy to organize last minute. 

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In my experience, one of the best of these is a pack of items that can be of use to mum in those first few months of the baby’s life. In particular try and include a thermal mug that stays cold on the outside, but keeps the beverage inside hot. These are great for helping to ensure mom still gets a hot cup of coffee even if she has to get up halfway through to change or feed the baby. 

Something to keep mum entertained while feeding the baby during the night can be a welcome gift as well. Several things can work wonders here from a paperback book, to a Kindle. You may even want to get her a subscription to her favorite paid TV streaming service as well. After all, putting some TV on in the background can be a lifesaver when you are doing the 3am feed. 

There are other options that you may wish to consider too, such as a baby outfit. Be sure you get their current size, and then go a little bigger. After all, newborn clothes are adorable but they don’t stay that size for long, and it’s much more partial to get something they will grow into later. 

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Finally how about a baby shower style hamper, filled with all the essentials mom will need in bulk? I’m talking about things like diapers, wipes, bottles, baby shampoo, baby moisturizing cream, cotton wool, bibs, and even soft baby shoes and blankets. The great thing about this gift is you can get a hamper and with one quick stop at a chemist or supermarket you can fill it with all sorts of wonderful and useful things, so it really does make the most perfect last-minute gift.