Personalising Your Four Wheeled Friend

When you first start driving, you might not notice, but you are slowly but surely making the car your own. It becomes your comfy friend. The one that drives you to work, to theme parks or for that first coffee date where you met your best friend.

Some of us even name our cars. Because if you are driving around a lot you get used to them, and eventually they are more than just your vehicle.

Older cars have a specific small too. The interior on a warm day, the soft leather, or the stereo that doesn’t quite work. The charm just kind of oozes out of them. But when you get a new car, although it drives wonderfully, it’s not really molded to you yet. So what can you do to get your new four-wheeled adventure buddy feeling a little more like you?

Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash


The most obvious and impactful thing is to personalize your number plates. You can pretty much pick what you want as long as it is available. Once you have decided on what you want your plates to say, you can check on PrimoRegistrations for how much it would cost.


The indie of your car will always have a specific smell. Much like our homes do. If you are taking dogs around in the car a lot, their scent will be in there. Smoke? That will linger too. But ideally, when you are in the car, and the sun is beating down on you, you’d probably want something light and fresh. Lemons and Oranges are popular choices, pine covers up many other smells in the car, and you can even get Yankee car scents too. Just try to avoid having lavender if you know it makes you feel sleepy.


Unless you have really soft leather seats, you might find you want to add something a little more comfortable. You can get lumbar support attachments that will stop you slouching when you drive and will ward off backache. You could replace the seats entirely too, bucket seats are particularly comfortable and look super cool. Alternatively, you can get soft, comfortable padded chair covers that will make long drives a dream.


Create a driving playlist. There are, of course, different driving styles. Country roads, motorways, stuck in traffic, and through the city center. Spend some time creating around 3-5 hours of music for each type of driving that you do. And, if you are the road trip type, then make an extensive list – for those special occasions. Radio is great, but some areas just don’t have the signal strength.


Some find them cheesy, some find them endearing. Either way, they can really personalize your car. A cookie monster peeking out the back window, a Batman sign on the boot. Simple things that make it yours. You do have to make sure that they do not inhibit your view of the road, or cover your number plates in any way thought. Safety first!

Personalizing your car over the few years that they own them is a lot of fun, its what makes your four-wheeled friend – yours.

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