Reduce The Stress When Leaving Your Home On Holiday

Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from Pexels

Going on holiday is exciting, something you countdown the days for and look forward to from the day you book. When going away, you sometimes may feel stressed leaving the house unoccupied, inviting potential unwanted visitors. Although this is highly unlikely, it does happen which is why it’s important you take a few measures to reduce the chances of this happening. You don’t have to do anything major, just small things like asking your neighbours to look out for you or installing smart technology that you can control from your phone whilst away. Below are four ways to reduce your stress when leaving your home on holiday. 

Don’t post about it whilst you are away 

Holidays are for you to enjoy with your loved ones. The people you know back home can hear all about it on your return. Posting about it over social media shows people you are away and not at your property. This, unfortunately, could tell the wrong people you are away and give them a perfect opportunity to enter your property without you knowing. If you want to post on social media, why not leave it until you return from holiday and share from the comfort of your own home. 

Smart Technology 

Smart Technology is ideal when it comes to protecting your home and reducing your stress whilst away. LED lights you can control from your mobile phone, turning them on and off, representing that someone is in. Smart cameras can be accessed via your phone so that you can see inside (these are also useful to check on your pet) and a smart doorbell has a sensor and alerts you when someone walks past your home. With all these measures you can rest assured knowing your home is ok whilst you are away. 

Tell A Close Neighbour You Are Away

If you are a good friend with one of your neighbours and can trust them, then let them know you are going away. That way they can keep an eye on your property and let you know if anything suspicious is happening. The chances are nothing will happen but knowing someone is keeping watch can give you that extra peace of mind whilst away. You could always ask them to walk past your property every now or then or ask them to park their car on your drive to show that someone is in. 

Don’t Leave Your House Looking Unoccupied 

Try and make your house look as occupied as possible before leaving. If you don’t need the car, leave it on the driveway. Mow your lawn so that it looks recently cut and leave your curtains undrawn so that it looks like you’ve opened them during the day. It’s these little things that can make your property look lived in whilst you are away, putting off any unwanted guests. It might be worth looking into affordable security window film to place on your windows before you leave to ensure your windows are secure from any breakages.

Have you got any little tips that you can share when going away? Do you tend to stress about your property when on holiday? Let me know in the comment box below, I would love to hear from you.