Save Money And Be Healthier By Making These Food Items From Scratch

Feeding a family is expensive and if you are trying to work to a tight budget, you probably wish that you could find ways to cut back on your weekly food shop. You probably already know that avoiding the branded stuff and buying the generic alternatives is a good way to save money, and batch cooking is a good option too. But a lot of people waste money because they buy things that they could make themselves for far less money. If you really want to save money, try making these food and drink items from scratch instead of buying them. 


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A loaf of bread doesn’t go that far if you’re making sandwiches for everybody’s lunch, so you probably buy a few each week. It doesn’t seem that expensive but it soon adds up, so why not try making your own instead? A simple bread recipe is fairly easy to master and the ingredients cost next to nothing. A big bag of flour will cost you around £1 and a pack of yeast sachets won’t be much more expensive. In total, you can probably get the ingredients to make 3 or 4 loaves for £3, and it will be much tastier and healthier than the bread you normally buy in the shop because it has fewer additives. You can freeze the loaves you make, so you always have a constant supply of freshly baked bread. 


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Most of us like to have a few drinks to relax at the weekend and that’s fine, but it does add a big chunk to your grocery bill. The good news is, you can still enjoy a drink and save money at the same time if you make it yourself. You can get home brewing kits with all of the ingredients that you need for around £15-£30 depending on the type of beer. You’ll get roughly 40 bottles out of that, which works out a lot cheaper than buying it from the supermarket. A lot of the big beer and wine brands have their own home brew kits out so you can still enjoy your favourite drinks. This one won’t make you healthier but it will save you a lot of money. 


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Cereal is a great breakfast option for families because it’s quick and easy. But when you get through a lot of it, the cost quickly adds up. You should also check the sugar content of the cereal that you buy because most of them are packed full of it. The good news is, making your own cereal is cheap and easy, and you can control the amount of sugar that goes in. Granola is a great option because oats are one of those healthy foods you should eat more of, and it’s simple to make. You just need to melt down some honey, mix it with oats and nuts, then bake it until golden brown. Once it’s cooled, it will harden and it can then be broken into chunks and eaten as breakfast cereal. It makes a great topping for yoghurt too. 

Even though making these things from scratch takes a little more time, it doesn’t require that much skill and you can save money and be healthier at the same time.