Studying From A Young Age

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Whilst you are at secondary school it is essential to stick in and study as much as possible. If you do not do so you will fall behind and this will be reflected in your tests and exams. 

Consequently, if you have inadequate exam grades you will not be accepted into any universities or higher education institutions, and this can be extremely damaging for your future. 

Many students see studying as a laborious and boring task. However, it does not always have to be this way. If you find a subject you like or a method you like then you will enjoy the art of study a lot more, and when you enjoy something you actually learn a lot better. Also, if you break up your studying to short segments throughout the week then it will not get boring and it won’t feel like you are taking up a lot of time whilst doing so.

Competitive university admissions

Applying for universities is an extremely competitive thing to do as there are constantly more and more applicants year after year. You need to make sure you give yourself the best chance of getting into the university of your choice and to do this you need to make a bigger impression then all of those other students that are applying. 

First and foremost, you need to make sure you achieve high exam results because if you do not the chances of you getting into a university are very slim. Your exam results will be the first thing your potential university considers therefore they must be good in order to stand out.

Secondly, your university application must have an impeccable personal statement alongside it. Your personal statement is the only way you can directly reach out to those you are trying to impress in order to acquire admission into your desired university. Therefore try to make sure your statement is as exciting as possible, it needs to instantly grab the readers’ impression and make them intrigued in you. 

Therefore the perfect recipe for a great university application is merely great exam results combined with an outstanding personal statement.

What NOT to write on your personal statement

A personal statement is very important when applying for any university, whether you want to be an architect or an electrician because it creates a direct link between you and the person judging whether you are the right fit for the university or not. You need to impress this person and make sure you stand out from the crowd in order to seal a place on the university course you desire. Unfortunately, a lot of people are yet to master the art of a personal statement and frequent mistakes are made. Here is what not to do whilst writing your personal statement… 

You can not send a personal statement that entails slang words or bad grammar. Check your personal statement at least five times before sending it because any grammar mistakes will be noted. This can also be extremely embarrassing if you are hoping to study English or a writing based subject.

Do not start with the sentence “I want to study so and so because..” This is an obvious sentence that so many students will use. If you start your statement with something like this you will lose the attention of the reader straight away and will not stand out.

Finally, do not send your personal statement on pink paper with bright blue writing. Keep it simple, wild and wacky fonts and bright colors will not impress. Stick to a white piece of paper with basic black lettering.