The Four Keys to a Dream Kitchen

Image credit Pexels

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in every home. It is where you prepare meals for yourself and your family, where you will socialize with your friends, where you will start each day with breakfast and coffee. The kitchen is the beating heart of a house and having a great kitchen is a step on the path to contentment. However, it’s easier said than done. After all, a kitchen can be an expensive space, with gadgets, white goods, and equipment to deal with. The kitchen renovation of your dreams may be well beyond your budget – but this isn’t a reason to give up! There are four elements to any good kitchen that you can work to achieve step by step, allowing you to create the perfect environment without breaking the bank.

Counter Space

The first element of an excellent kitchen is counter space. Have you ever felt unable to cook properly because you’re squished into working on a tiny piece of countertop? Does your kitchen feel cramped and messy even if you’ve just spent hours cleaning it? These are signs that you need more counter space. There are plenty of storage solutions that can solve this for you, including hanging rails for pots and pans, clever in-cupboard racks and spice shelves that take up a minimum amount of real estate. Just by investing in a couple of these options, you can drastically increase the space you have to work in.


As everyone will know, the hardest thing about a kitchen is keeping it clean. As it is used primarily as a cooking space, this is the room most prone to spillages, crumbs, oil-splatter, and other messy consequences. Cleaning this up can sometimes feel like a full time job, especially if your kitchen is designed with the wrong materials; painted walls that stain easily, rough flooring that’s hard to mop, appliances too close to the stove where they become covered in grime. The best solution to a hard-to-clean kitchen is tiling. Retiling is a step away from a renovation, and it will transform your kitchen. Don’t just focus on the walls either. You can get ceiling panels for every room, but it’s in the kitchen that they’ll really work magic, helping you keep the space damp-free and clean.

Ergonomic Design

It’s not something that people often consider immediately, but the placement of utilities and cupboards can have a huge impact on how you use your kitchen space. If you’re finding your kitchen awkward and difficult to use, consider simply moving a few things around to make life easier for yourself. Now, there are some appliances that will be harder to move, such as a cooker or a refrigerator. However, you can certainly move items around in cupboards, relocate shelving, and move smaller items such as microwaves or kettles. Just find the configuration that works for you!


Too often, a brilliant kitchen can be ruined by poor lighting. Not only is this bad for your mood, but bad lighting can also have the effect of hiding stains and creating shadowy little corners where all manner of dirt can accumulate. On the flip side, a statement lighting fixture can freshen up the whole room, adding style and sophistication as well as a practical benefit.