The Quick Jobs Which Could Freshen Your Home

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When it comes to our homes, sometimes we can be guilty of thinking that the only improvements we can make are big, costly Grand Designs-style rebuilds, but that’s certainly not the case. Little improvements like painting a room or cutting down on clutter don’t have to cost a fortune or take months and they have the potential to make a huge difference to your home’s appearance, comfort and ease of use. Half of these small tasks, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to complete! And if you’re looking to sell your home and move house in the near future, these small, inexpensive improvements can really help the place to rake in offers. Rightly or wrongly, many buyers see small issues and wonder whether you’ve also neglected the larger, costlier ones, which can put them off making an offer. If there are similar properties on the market without these issues, they will sell quicker than yours, and if you have several interested parties, the price you can fetch is also likely to raise. There are so many wins that you can fit in during a weekend, that don’t cost the earth and are simple to do yourself – take a look.

Raise Your Kerb Appeal

Property experts often talk about a very important but frequently neglected asset your home may not have – kerb appeal. When you pull into the drive after a long day at work, it’s a really nice feeling to have your home looking fresh and inviting, and for potential buyers, who tend to make up their minds about a potential purchase in roughly ten seconds, it can be a subconscious deal breaker. The great thing is it’s so simple to improve. Hire a jet washer to blast clean old block paving and give it a good weed, or if it’s in bad condition, cover it completely with slate chippings for a fresher look. Add some wooden planters to the front to give it a bit of colour and repaint your front door or update it with new metal hardware. You could also add some solar lighting to the front to make a more welcoming entrance.

Freshen Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens are prime candidates for a refresh – mainly because they get a lot of use in family homes, but also because they are areas that potential buyers are very hot on, as they can be expensive to replace. Luckily, a few small steps can really transform the look of what you already have. Using a grout pen couldn’t be easier and can really refresh tired looking tiling, giving it the appearance of being brand new, while stripping out old sealant and replacing it is also relatively straight forward, can be done in a few hours, and improves the appearance and functionality of the room. Find a website where you can source items like new seals for shower doors to stop water damage, and if your bathroom is really looking dated, consider replacing the taps and shower fixtures  – this will cost a little more but a lot less than completely re-doing the room and can make a big impact on the room.

Lay It Down

Replacing tired, worn carpet with easy to fit engineered wood flooring can also be a great weekend win. Wooden floorboards look great, are hardwearing and easy to care for, and can be styled and softened with rugs. They are also a much better option if anyone in the house suffers from allergies, as irritants like pet hair and pollen can get trapped in carpet fibres. A lot of flooring now offers super-easy click-together options to make fitting it a breeze, and it can really change the look of your home.


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