What Causes Conflict In Relationships?

If everything goes well, then a relationship can be nurturing, fun, and rewarding. But as anyone who has ever been in a relationship will know, things do not always go to plan. The more that people become intertwined with one another, the greater the odds that something will go wrong, and when that happens, there is a lot of capacity for people to get hurt. While you can’t — or shouldn’t — avoid conflict in relationships, being aware of what typically causes them can help to wrestle back some control. In this blog, we’ll identify some of the biggest things that can cause disagreements among couples.

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Financial Matters

Ah, money. It’s great when you have it, not so great when you don’t. Your finances can be difficult to manage when you’re the only one responsible; things become even more convoluted when there are two people in the mix. You’ll know from your single years how easy it is to become self-critical regarding your money choices. When there’s someone else there, it’s often far too tempting to blame them. As with most things in relationships, open communication and accepting the other person for who they are will take you a long way.

Having Children

The big things in life will, of course, have a huge impact on a relationship. How could they not? A lot of people’s ideas and dreams are tied up in these matters. And there’s no bigger decision than deciding whether to have children or not. If you’re not on the same page, then that might spell the end of the relationship. But other factors, such as the inability to have children, can put a strain on a relationship. These days there are many treatments, such as a reversal vasectomy or IVF, that can allow a couple to become pregnant. As well as whether to have a child or not, a couple must talk about how they will raise their children — there are many conflicting methods, after all. 

Making an Effort

No-one likes to feel like they’re doing all the work in a relationship. Once people get comfortable or even take their partner for granted, they can stop making an effort. This could be with domestic chores, or bigger matters, such as making an effort to have fun and go on dates. If you notice your partner doing this, it’ll be best to let them know that you won’t stand for it!

Individual Issues 

While it’s always tempting to blame distress on the relationship, and especially the other person, the truth is that this cannot always be the case. We’re all dealing with a whole host of issues that stem from our childhood years and beyond, and if we’re not working to identify or overcome these issues, then we’ll likely find that we’re repeating the same issues with every relationship that we have. It’s not always easy or tempting to confront our insecurities or flaws, but it’s very much worth doing so because in the process you’ll be able to have nurturing relationships, which is exactly what they should be.