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After a wonderful trip to the incredible city of Barcelona, Spain, I’ve written some tips that I gathered together from research before and during the visit that I hope would be helpful to those that wish to visit this beautiful city.


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Here are some great tips to make your trip a memorable one!


  • The easiest way to get around Barcelona is by metro and bus.


  • Downtown Barcelona is known for its pickpockets. Be careful with your belongings.


  • Enjoy a caña (small beer) with lunch – this is a common local custom when eating with friends or colleagues.


  • Local people speak Catalan primarily, although they also speak Spanish. Greet locals with “Bon día” as a nice icebreaker.


  • The metro runs until midnight every day except for Friday (until 2 am) and Saturday (24 hrs).


travellers tips Barcelona Spain


  • Taxis in Barcelona are cheap compared to those in other major European cities. They’re easy to flag down in the street.


  • A tip of around 10% is recommended in restaurants. If you just have a drink, leave the small change on the table.


It gets hot, hot, hot!


  • Take a water bottle out with you – in summer it can get very warm.  Thankfully we were there at a cooler time of year.


  • Remember your sun cream in summer as it gets hot! Bring it with you from home if possible, as sun cream is quite expensive in Barcelona.


  • This main street is beautiful to walk down at night when both the streetlights and the buildings are illuminated.


  • There are a lot of great bars close to the Church of Santa Maria del Mar, in the lower part of El Born.


  • If you’re in El Born around 10 pm, make sure you order a tapa with your drink – this is what all locals do, as it is dinner time.


Barcelona Spain


  • Las Ramblas, particularly the bottom part, is the most beautiful – here you’ll find small street markets, street artists and, of course, the harbour.


  • There are dozens of small churches and buildings you can visit when walking down Las Ramblas along with tiny side streets. Try to find time to explore as they are too good to miss!


Be careful of inflated prices


  • You will find that Las Ramblas is pricey, so stick to browsing and treat yourself to a cheaper drink at wonderful La Boqueria market when you finish your walk.


  • Save your pounds, avoid buying anything from stalls right next to the entrance – the prices are hiked up and much more expensive.


  • You will get the freshest fish right in the heart of the market – simply walk straight forward from the main entrance.


  • The nightlife here is highly recommended – walk around and enjoy the local atmosphere.


  • There are numerous small squares in Gracia – pick one you like and enjoy a drink outside.


Barcelona Culture


  • Gracia holds many street events. So ensure you ask at your accommodation or the tour company you book with to see if anything’s happening while you’re in town.


  • To experience first hand the local vibes, head to the best beach in the city.


  • Bogatell Beach is a great place to rest and chill or join locals and expats for a friendly game of volleyball.


  • There are a few beach bars (chiringuitos) down on the beach that sells coffee and other drinks at very reasonable prices.


  • Do you love to play volleyball? Why not ask the locals if you can join them.


  • Ideally,  bus stops right in front of the beach. If you choose the metro, get off at Vila Olímpica Station, and the beach is a 5-minute walk away.


  • For security, it is best to leave valuable belongings at your accommodation.


Here are our 48 Hours in Barcelona, Spain in photos.  I hope you enjoy!



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