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In Search of Warmer Weather – Greek Islands

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The Days Are Getting Longer


Summer is just around the corner, with the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer; now might be the time to start booking your next holiday! And where better to start that adventure than Holiday Gems.  Having waved goodbye to the snow for this year it is the perfect time to start making plans and head for warmer weather.


We’ve battled winter, and spring has been more sledges and snow shovels than daffodils and bluebells!  The boiler is on the blink, the weather outside is just showing glimmers of better weather ahead.


Beautiful Pink Flower


We are wanting to banish those winter blues, forget the spring snow and look forward to warmer weather and relaxation by booking a holiday in the sun!


Whether you long for a restful break or dream of adventure, we highly recommend the Greek Islands, for a short flight get-away.


Once you have a destination in mind, the internet can provide a host of holiday inspiration which will inspire. Look at photographs of that beach you are going to lay on (and plan your holiday outfits to boot); check out the online menus of the recommended local restaurants; plan day trips to the beautiful beaches; make mental notes of the jaw-dropping scenery… your holiday is at your fingertips. Don’t delay, start looking today!


Kefalonia sign posts


With so many wonderful Greek islands to choose from, along with the temptation of warmer weather and just a short flight away, who could resist?


I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Corfu, Crete and Kefalonia.  All three completely unique from the others but still with the wonderful warmth of the locals and weather.  My holiday wish list is still full to bursting, destinations include Kos, Rhodes, Halkidiki, Skiathos and Zante!


April Travel Focus



From one end of the sea to the other, the Greek islands are the perfect holiday destination. It’s not just the emerald water and the idyllic beaches that make holidays on the Greek islands a world-famous holiday experience. It’s not only the bright light that floods the sea and sky, or the historical ruins and pure nature. But also the very personal relationship you can have with your chosen island that puts a seal of perfection on these little Greek Islands.

Incredible Beaches


Myrtos is the most famous and beautiful beach in Kefalonia. It is actually a large coast with turquoise water and white sand, surrounded by steep cliffs.  Completely stunning!


Myrtos Beach Kefalonia


Beach View Kefalonia




The fishing village of Skala hosts a large, sandy beach within a walking distance from its port. Organized and clean, this is a lovely spot for family holidays.


Fiskardo Kefalonia


You can find good fresh food simply cooked — fish caught that morning, or one of the island’s goats marinated in local olive oil and herbs from the hills then grilled over an open fire.


Scalia is a wealthy area, and eating is a little pricey, as are the shops, but we returned again and again because you cannot help but fall in love with the area, the beauty and the people.


Harvour Kefalonia


Foki is a small beach with large stones and crystal water.  Surrounded by much greenery, Foki is a picturesque place to relax. We went snorkelling on our visit and it’s beautifully crisp, clear waters were abundant with fish willing to say hello!


Top Tip:  We researched out of the way places to eat for lunch and dinner.  Searching out these ‘off the beaten track’ eateries made our trip super special and added to our memories.  Special mention the Kastro Cafe, an incredible family run cafe that’s a must visit for lunch and their Baklava!





Add to the mix, the smiles of the locals, the hospitality and the culinary delights of the Mediterranean diet, spice it up with adventures in nature, climb the mountains and you’ll find that discovering the Greek islands makes the best holidays that are only a short flight away.


We are looking to return to the Greek Islands this year having spent an incredible adult only holiday there two years ago.  Have you booked your holiday this year?


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The Stunning beaches of Kefalonia

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