Be true to yourself


I’m going to be very honest here, feeling stressed would be underestimating the way I felt.


I hit a breaking point last year.  I was working full time, running a busy family and home. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed and struggling in every way to do it all and be everything to everyone.


Health issues came at me from everywhere.  And let me tell you!  That’s a sure sign that things aren’t going well and you’re not in the right situation!



The Nicky everyone knew and loved was drifting out in a sea of exhaustion and constantly feeling stressed.  With health complications topping it off, I waved the white flag!


I knew I had moved so far away from where I should be, where the real Nicky felt comfortable, at peace and at one with the universe.  Life shouldn’t be that difficult, right?


I had spent too many years trying to fit into the ‘norm’ that so many believe is the only way, because society, our families, the friends we surround ourselves with tell us so.  Going against this is tricky, like swimming against the tide.  In some people’s eyes, they may consider you reckless at best!


Going back to my comfort zone


Having previously spent a decade living outside of the box, living life as a full-time competition winner.  I earnt more during those years that I have ever done in my working life!  I enjoyed experiences across the world, my house became a stunning home with may winning home-makeovers, but alas it was not to last.


Things happen, we all get those bumps in the road that make you overhaul your life, even if you don’t want to!


So, I was now buying a home on my own for the first time, along with my two children, I needed a definite income to pay the bills.  I was in panic mode and got myself a proper grown-up job and said farewell to my alternative lifestyle!  Over a decade later I know that was the wrong move!


I know, pure and simple that I don’t fit into a box.  No-one should.  You decide your life, your path, your future and most importantly, your happiness.  I just knew as it just didn’t feel right!


Since leaving my full-time job in 2017, I have had to deal with those health issues full on.


Cause and effect


You see, it’s a case of cause and effect.  I was feeling stressed and the illnesses I was suffering from making the wrong choices.  By living a life that wasn’t right for me.  I was taking too many pills to get me through the day.  The environment in so many areas of my life wasn’t conducive to my nature, and the effect of this took its toll on my health.


After giving up work, I started making the changes I thought I needed, but I had to be patient.   Those years of stress don’t get fixed overnight, however.  You have to work on them over time, and for that you need energy and you need to be prepared to look deep inside.  Put in the work needed to get yourself back on the right path, this can often be painful and incredibly tough. Most would baulk at the thought!  When you are starting at such a low ebb, being patient can be frustrating but necessary!


I’m not one that can sit at home and do nothing.  I have creative energy, ideas I wanted to explore, a yearning to get back to that calm state and share my life lessons with others.  But most of all, I wanted to get back to mindfulness. Enjoy the contentment it brings and in turn, the positive vibes flood into your life, like shooting stars.



The state of mind when you walk outside in the fresh air. Take the time to listen to leaves rustling at your feet and the birds chatting away in the trees.  When you sit with your family and listen.  Really listen to what they are saying.  Thinking carefully and mindfully about your thoughts and opinions before you vocalise them.


Mindfulness is a gift for sure, not just for you, but those you come into contact with. Because in turn, the time you give them, the kindness and thoughtfulness you show, they will feel the impact by the bucket full.


Who wouldn’t want to live in a calmer environment, doing what they love, surrounded by the people that love and appreciate you?!  It’s a no-brainer!



Fast forward a year!


It’s been a tough one in so many ways.  I waved goodbye to feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  I’ve continued to work on bringing myself closer to the peaceful life I yearned for.


The Power Hour


Bringing back the Power Hour into my life has been a blessing.   Starting every day on the right foot, with calm focus and clarity which has helped not just in my personal life but business life too.  The rewards of this one hour are monumental.


I’m now available for my family, attending every school event.  When my youngest is poorly and can’t attend school I’m here.  Where I felt inadequate and often failing and crippled by constant guilt, I am now fuelled by having the time and energy to offer them.  This brings infinite fulfilment as a mother.


The craving to work is still there and combining being at home and working is a win-win for me.


I’m now writing and running my blog full time.  And loving the joy and rewards it brings along with the versatility it offers working from home, with my family around me. And with it, building connections around the world with my new-found passion.


Why Spinnin Plates?

I wanted to share what I have learnt with others.

Through my blog, I help busy mums create a calm, organised life, so they can feel less stressed, happier and enjoy more quality time with their family.

Offering tips and advice on life and organisation, my lifestyle blog covers:

  • Support for stress and overwhelm
  • Organisation Tips and FREE Printables
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Health
  • Fitness and so much more!



Where do you live?


We live in North Devon, UK. Our home is in an area that we absolutely love, although we are on the lookout for our dream house!  As much as we enjoy travelling, we also enjoy our time at home!


Meet my family!



I’m Nicky, mum to 3 scrummy children… however, two are now adults Charlie aged 20, Millie 18 and my little man Zac who is just turning 8!



I have a fabulous partner Andy, who was actually my first love, however, we went the complicated route of having a 30-year gap before getting together again!  Andy’s son Harry aged 10 fits in beautifully, joining us every school holiday.  And finally, we have Honey, our gorgeous springer spaniel, who is 11 this year!




I’m so happy you are here and joining me on this journey.  I want to support you through your journey, so please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram daily!


Wishing you a calm day,


My signature Nicky